I need to do something that I wish more politicians and governments would do: admitting to being wrong. President Biden got some policy in regards to the Ukraine War very wrong, but you know what, so did I! In hindsight it seems so obvious; however, I suppose that’s why they say “hindsight is 20/20”. The powerful fact about admitting you are wrong is it allows you to shift to find solutions. You can look at what made you wrong? What assumptions were faulty? What can we learn from these mistakes? Once you begin to go through this checklist of mistakes, you can begin to come up with ideas to solve the problem. So yes, I first want to point out how President Biden and myself were wrong, but then I want to transition into what my fix to the problem would be. In all actuality, I’ve been arguing for this “fix” from the start; however, now more than ever do we have further proof on how and why my idea is the genuine solution to the problems created. Let’s use our collective mistake and error to now shine lights on the solutions that can put us in a much better place as a country!

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