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Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale (clickbait warning)

There is no sale. Those people offering massive discounts either A) don’t truly believe in their product or B) had it way overpriced in the first place. I believe in what I have to offer and have priced it fairly. My proof? You won’t be seeing any sales from me.

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Hopefully you saw in the title,yes this is totally clickbait because there are zero sales.There is no Black Friday sale,there is no Cyber Monday sale,and I wanted to quickly kind of address this whole topicbecause it's one of my favorite times of the yearbecause it's, it allows me to see, kind ofwho is just full of crap,who actually walks the walk,who actually believes.And it kind of allows me to prove myself in a sense.What do I mean by prove myself?Well,let's just start with the overall context.Selling courses, selling services,none of this is a physical product.Meaning it's not like somethingis sitting in a warehouse somewhere taking up literal space.It's not like it's a piece of clothing in a storetaking up literal, physical space.Where those items, whether it be in somebody's warehouseor in some retail store,those items are physical.They are taking up valuable spacethat eventually they gotta go.We gotta free up more space.So we're going to slash the prices.We're going to have some sort of great saleto free up this space.In the world of training courses, training services,there is no physical merchandise.It's all out on the cloud.So this whole, well everybody else runs salesso they should too.No.Why would you run a saleif you truly believe in your product,if you truly believe in your course?Me, I truly do.And when I made the comment about prove myself.And this is the proof, there are no sales.Now I get it, some people run sales, you know,and I even offer you know 10% off, stuff like thatfor the coupon.But there's a big difference between 10% off,which you think, a tenth,and then you see some of these salesthat are 30, 40, 50% off.Why in the world,if you put in a lot of hard work to developsome sort of training course that you believed in,why would you offer it for 50% off?Either you don't believe in itor it's just highly overpriced to begin withand now you're just bringing it down to create the illusionthat people are getting a good dealwhich brings into question kind of your marketing tacticsand your whole viewpoint from a, from a whole.But there are no excuses in the world of sales, discounts.And I've heard some people,are you running any Black Friday sales?No I'm not, absolutely not.Because I believe in what I have to offer.And I believe that it's fairly priced.I get it, I'm just running my mouth.But watch the prices.There will be action, action in the sense of,there will not be any price decreases becausewhat I offer is already fairly priced.And it just,it doesn't really drive me nuts anymore,it just makes me laugh when you see peopleand the percentages that they're knocking off, it's,you don't have to clear anything out of a warehouse.You don't have to clear anything out of your store.There's no literal physical space being taken up.So why are you trying to slash prices as much as you are?It's because you don't even believe in your productand you're just looking totry to move as much stuff as possibleand you know, it is what it is.But me, every year my sales go down around this time of yearjust because everybody else,I shouldn't say that,I think most other people are running saleswith the ridiculous percentages off,so it appears like there's great deals going on, but,it is what it is, and you know like I said,I put in a lot of blood, sweat and tearsinto what I have to offer.I believe that it works.I believe that it is of qualityand my belief is not all words because like I saidthere are no sales.My prices will remain the exact same.Heck over the past several months,a couple of the course prices I've actually increasedbecause I look around and I seethe prices that other people are chargingand it's just.Okay, so they're charging more for less content.Okay Clay,you're going to have to up your prices here a little bit.But yeah, there are no Cyber Monday sales.There are no Black Friday sales.And if you're still watching this then,maybe you would consider one of my courses.It's not empty words when I say I truly believethat I offer a fair price,where you get more than enough value,and that you know if you give me a chanceyou'll be happy with the products.So hopefully you'll consider,or who knows maybe you already clicked offso you could go buy somebody's course that's 50% off.So, anyways.It is what it is.But just kind of stop and think aboutwhy is somebody discounting their course that much?There's no need to.There's no need but yet they are.So, things that make you go hmm.

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How to Kill Your Stress, Fear, and Frustration as a Trader