Have you been cruising around social media and seeing all kinds of images and videos of day traders living the life? Exotic travels, fancy cars, and expensive watches are just the start of what I’m guessing you’ve seen. I’m guessing many of these things you’ve seen include a simple laptop and that’s all. The question boils down to this: can day trading make you rich? It’s a simple question, but a revealing one which gets to the crux of the concerns. I can totally respect and understand why you would ask such a direct question. Why waste your time learning a craft and a skill if it won’t be worth your time? With a time management viewpoint, I really appreciate where you are coming from! The answer to the question is simple; however, it does need a bit more explanation behind it. To answer the question, “can day trading make you rich?”, YES… it can. But, like I previously said, this “Yes” needs a bit more context and clarification, so let me explain!

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