How much money do you need to trade stocks? Is there a minimum amount required to get started trading stocks? These are some very good questions that I remember asking when I was a beginner trader and just getting started in the stock market. Is $100 enough to trade stocks with? The good news is, “yes!”, you can use $100 to trade stocks. Back in older times when online platforms and brokers charged crazy fees and commissions, using $100 would not have been enough. In this new day and age of technology and innovation, most stock platforms and brokers offer $0 in fees and commission. With all that being said, if you want to give yourself the best chance at learning and finding success, you need proper context. While $100 is enough to trade stocks with, it also requires some surrounding context to ensure you don’t find yourself living in fantasy land. Let me break down a few facts so you can be better prepared for your trading journey!

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