Lots of people don’t like those from Wall Street. I can understand why this is the case. The more these Wall Street people talk, the more it shows how they are so disconnected from all of us on Main Street. Cathie Wood, for whatever reason, still receives quite a bit of press from the financial media and just shared some revealing thoughts. She is complain about the Federal Reserve and the choices they are making. I don’t have any problem with this as a free thinking society is a good thing. However, when you consider the reasoning she uses and the data she cites, it’s a massively blind view. To be fair, she has motives that would cause her to believe what she does, but when you say the quiet part out loud, it completely shows how tone deaf you are to the everyday normal person. For her sake, I really do wish Cathie Wood would just STOP talking and revealing how she views the common people in our country as mere peasants….

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