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ClayTrader Membership: Behind the Scenes Tour

A look inside my premium trading service, the Inner Circle private trading community. If you are interested in seeing how the service all works along with what is included with the program, give this video a watch.

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- [Clay] Hey it's Clay Trader, and if you'rewatching this, I'm assuming you're interestedin potentially joining the inner circle,which is our private trading community.So, what I want to do here is just show you a demoso you can see how things work,how thing are structured, and then just givemore of a kind of practical sense of whatyou would be getting with your subscription.So with that being said, we will assume nowthat you've paid for your 12 month subscription,and now you want access to the community itself.So the first thing that you're going to dois simply come up here and click that login button.That's going to prompt this box to come up here,and then you would enter in your username and password,which are already you know auto loaded for me.You will know what to put in there because as you go throughthe checkout process and sign up process,you know you'll get both of thoseso you'll know exactly what to type in there.So after you get those done and entered in,just click on login.And this is what is called the member portal.Now few quick distinctions here,I'm just assuming that you've onlypurchased the inner circle.So because of that and you have now purchasedClay Trader University, this section you would not see.And along with that because you have only purchasedthe inner circle, this area would be up herein that portion of the setup.Along with that, again assuming you've only purchasedthe inner circle, so you would not see any of thisdown here either.Now if you have purchased courses,any of the courses that you have purchasedWould be down in that area of the member portal,but again we're assuming that you'veonly gotten the inner circle.Now the one part that you would see are down here,are your account settings.You know how you can manage whatever you need to do.So if you need to edit your profile,and of course as always if you have any questionsabout anything, we put a button down therewhere you can ask us questions with whatever you need helpwith in regards to your account.So let's move back up here to the actualinner circle section, which is what you would see.And it's broken down to the three different areas.Right here you have the chat rooms that you can access here.By just putting your cursor over,you can see they light up, so you know which oneyou would be entering.You can be in multiple chat rooms at the same time.The Lounge is, just kind of as the name applies,more so where the water cooler talk happens.People are just hanging out, talking general aboutstocks, futures, options, all that stuff.Must less strict compared to the Under $1 room,and then the Over $1 room.These two rooms are alerts only.And yeah, some people may say super strict,but it's super strict and I make it that waybecause I don't want a bunch of clutter.I want to be able to look at the room real quick,identify alerts, and then go from there.I don't want to have to sift through and wade througha bunch of okay that's clutter, that's clutter,okay there's an alert, oh there's more clutter.None of that, it's very, there are rules,and you can read about the rules right there.But the rules are put into place to just designa profit producing environment.Because clutter is not a good thing when youneed to be thinking quickly,when you need to be acting quickly.It's just not efficient to have to wadethrough a bunch of stuff.So those rules keep the rooms you know nice and streamlined.Then we have the forums over here.This is where you can go and interactwith other members too.A topic off the top of my head, is probably one ofthe more popular ones, is you know what is yourtrade setup look like?So a bunch of people have put picturesof what their monitors and how many they have,and kind of just what their trading deskactually looks like.But that's an area to network.And finally over here we have the newsletter archive.Every week I send out the email,newsletter power profit scans, and if you want tojust kinda go back and see past newsletters you can do that.But let's quickly just kind of go and see which,or what's apart of each one.So we'll just use the Lounge,and I should note that it's slightly past six a.m.So it's still like three and a half hoursbefore the market even opens.So I highly doubt anybody is talking.Oh, I take that back, we just had somebodysay good morning, and it's only 6:09 a.m. in the morning.So it just kind of goes to show the time period.It is pretty active, you know given the circumstancesright here, another example of activity.You had people talking basically from midnight,whoops that's not what I wanted, we'll try that again.Pretend you didn't see that.So if I scroll down a little bit more,you can see that people were essentially talkingfrom midnight all the way till right there, one a.m.yesterday and just kind of, I'm not going to sayaround the clock, cause obviously there was a gapfrom about one a.m. to six a.m. eastern,you know middle of the night.But yeah there's quite a few people.If you ever want to come in here and want to seemore messages, well before I get to thatlet me also point out cool features.You know you can post pictures and stuff in the chat rooms.So obviously they were talking some sort of chart,so that person posted that.When you get in here though you can also come up hereand just click that load more button,so that's going to take you back for more.And then you can just pretty much go back toyou know whenever you want as far as messages.But again, you can see here from 11:15,I mean conversation was going going going,and then as we saw that just kept on,that basically went all the way till 11 a.m.So that's just how the chat room works,that's how it functions.You can scroll and you know just go back and forthand just see all the different messages.Again this is the Lounge, so it's just general chit chat.In fact, we'll go back to the main page,and just show the over one,which will not have any chatter in it.I say that because when the market closesat four p.m. eastern, then everything closesand this message always gets put up where Iinvite everybody, hey come hang out at the Lounge.You'll notice all it is ticker symbols, ticker symbols,ticker symbol, there is not any sort of clutter in the room.It is just one ticker symbol after another,and again this is the Over $1 room,so that's why the stocks and tickers you are seeingare for companies that their shares trade for over $1.So that is how the chat rooms work.On top of that the Forum is pretty self explanatory.That's just like any Internet forum you would see.The Newsletter, like I said, this is just an archive.So here we have a list of the Power Profit Scansgoing back several months.We'll just give you an example of one, and you know so,here you just see the scans and how they work.So the title and then I offer some annotations,along with the alert.And then these down here are for those membersthat have joined those courses.But that's how all that works.It's just a simple newsletter archive.Now you do get an email in your inbox too,that will map out these scans and everything.So it's not like you have to come here to get it.You can just check your email, and you cancheck it out at that point.And it just dawned on me, I wanted to just show youhow to actually type up a message and how all that works.So we'll let the chat room here load real quick,and then we can come back to it.So T Fletch, who I actually met in our Nashvillemeet and greet, I'll just say good morning to him.(typing)Crack a joke at him, so there we go.So you type it in, I hit enter, you can of coursejust click send right there if you want,whatever floats your boat.And that's really as simple as how the chat room works.So that is what is included.That's how things are structured and set up.Pretty straight forward.Everything is put together with time efficiency in mindbecause I want you to feel like you got your money's worth.And the quickest way to not feel like your money is worth,is to deal with a bunch of clutter and confusion.So if you do just like general chit chat,again the Lounge exists.If you just want to focus on the trading,it's the Under $1 chat room, the Over $1 chat room.And those are run, as you saw, with just alerts.And then you know you have the newsletter and forums also.So if you do have any questions though on somethingthat maybe you're still unsure of or just needto have clarified, then by all meansplease get ahold of myself.If you don't have any, then I look forwardto seeing you on the inside.

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How to Kill Your Stress, Fear, and Frustration as a Trader