Looking for reviews on the ClayTrader community? I can help! How about I just take you on a live tour of the community and demonstrate how it all works to help make members money. I know there are many trading services and communities available around social media and the internet in general, so I completely understand your desire in wanting to better understand how it all works. I wanted to get as detailed as possible though in showing how it works, that’s why I show you the chatroom in action with actual trade alerts taking place. And while the results of the video (which you’ll see) are a bit embarrassing for me (ugh.. lol), there is a very important underlying dynamic and learning lesson that you must remember. Whether or not you join my community (do what is best for you!), I hope you take away this one lesson to keep in mind as you do your research. At the end of the day, you need to choose a community that best fits your needs, but let’s just make sure your “needs” are aligned with the reality of trading and the financial markets as a whole! What does ClayTrader have to offer? How does the service work? Let me show you with some real life results!

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