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Upcoming Free Training Event: How to Kill Your Stress, Fear and Frustration as a Trader.

ClayTrader University Payment Plan Now Available

Interested in Claytrader University, but can’t quite afford the entire payment upfront? No worries! We have an in house payment play where there is NOT a credit check and the country you live in does not matter. If you are ready to study hard and learn how to trade properly, then this payment plan will get you started.

If I Were to Trade Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies... Trading Chat Rooms are Healthy ClayTrader.com University Package "Unboxing" ClayTrader Membership: Behind the Scenes Tour Want Flexibility? Learn How To Trade With Charts How Charts Actually Work


Download this free report revealing the 5 tools I use everyday to find the stocks I am going to trade.

If you are watching this video,then you are interested in purchasing ClayTrader Universityusing our in house payment plan.First off, there are no credit checks.It doesn't matter what country you're in.Everybody qualifies for the program.The way the program works is it's divided into six payments,each at 377 and which payment you make,we release more content to you,and the content is released based on a very sequential orderthat just makes sense in regards to the proper structure,the proper order you should be learning this stuff in.So the key number here is 377.Every month when you make the 377 payment,you will get more content.So with the first payment of 377,you get access to Robotic Tradingand the Cash Flow Creation Guide.The second payment of 377, you're getting accessto Robotic Trading: Skill Sharpening and The Inner Circle,which is our chatroom and newsletter,and as an example here of the sequential order,the reason you're getting accessthe second month of the chatroom is that'll implythat you've already gone through Robotic Trading.Therefore, where you enter into the chat room,the lingo, the terminology is gonna sound familiar.You're gonna know what people are talking about.It's not gonna sound like Chineseor, you know, anything else.You're gonna say, "Okay, yeah,"I know what those people are talking about,"because you've already taken that course,so like I said, it's all sequential.With payment number three,you're getting access to RVR Trading.Payment number four, you're getting Mastering Level 2,and then the Grow Rich program.Payment number five, you are getting Shorting for Profitand then payment number six, which is the final payment,you are getting access to the remainder of the coursesplus access to live webinars, the case study library,and, you know, all the other, you know,nooks and crannies that come with ClayTrader University.Now, you can pay off the sum at any point,so for example, if you've done, you know,377 month one, 377 month two,and then all of a sudden,"Hey Clay, I have the rest of the money."Can I just pay off the remaining 377s all at once?"Yeah, you can pay off the program at any time,and at that point, you'll get full access,but you have to pay it off all at once.You can't just do $50 here, $75 here,'cause remember, you're not paying interest.It doesn't matter.It's a set payment every single month,but you can pay it off in total whenever you want,but there's no partial payments or anything like that.Like I said, no, "Okay Clay,"I'd like to pay $75.23 right now."That's not how it works.Just save up and keep paying the 377sor just pay off the entire balance whenever you want,but again, no credit checks.Everybody applies to it, and if you wanna see exactly,if I maybe went too fast,what order the content will be released to you inin regards to your payments,all that information is down below the videoso check that out and let me know if you have any questions.

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How to Kill Your Stress, Fear, and Frustration as a Trader