I know we all quiver at the sound of the word “quiz”, but I promise this one will be very quick! I want you to check this out as I believe it will help to show you whether or not your expectations of the market and day trading are grounded in reality or fantasy land. This is important to figure out because as a beginner day trader, if you are focused on the wrong concepts from the start or have impressions that are false, you are setting yourself up for disappoint when the reality of day trading hits you. This quiz is very simple. I share with you an image of some results from a day trader and then ask you go form some quick thoughts on them. It’s not a trick question or anything of that nature. I simply want you to observe the trading results and form an opinion. After that, we can dig into some of the more important aspects of day trading that will need to be addressed and understood if you want to give yourself a true chance at success as a trader. Let’s get to it!

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