There are certain times that we as day traders need to be risky! If we want to position ourselves in the best possible spot to make money online over the long term, risk is required! When it comes to the topic of risk, let me be very clear! There are a variety of types of risk and situations where risk needs to be viewed in certain ways. I want to share with you some tips and tricks on when I would argue it makes sense to get a bit risky and try and put more money into your pocket. The type of risk I am talking about is by no means random or coming from a place of “go big or go home”. In all actuality, this strategy towards being risk is coming from mathematics and a place of probabilities. In other words, it’s coming from a place devoid of emotions and filled with basic math. I understand that beginner day traders can sometimes see certain words and situations and become intimated because it all feels so complex, but that is not what we have here. These tips and tricks are centered around some very basic math concepts that anyone can understand and implement within their day trading strategies. Whether you are trading stocks, crypto, options or Forex, these are the tips and tricks you should consider using in order to turn your strategy as rock solid as possible!

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