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Let’s talk about a day trader tip that all traders need to consider and care about. The good news about this day trader tip is it is something everyone has the ability to factor into their trading approach. On the surface, this tip may not make much sense and may seem out of place for my channel, but please just hear me out on the logic behind why I believe this tip is 100% on topic to us as traders. Whether we are day traders or swing traders, we need to be doing everything in our power to leverage any possible situation in our favor. Surviving in the crazy world of the financial markets and avoiding turning into a gambler boils down to being as smart as possible. I’ve been trading since 2006 and the topic of this video is one of the areas that I see arise over and over again as a potential problem area. To be upfront and transparent, I am not saying that if you factor in this day trader tip that you’ll all of a sudden start magically making money online; however, I 100% (and science backs me up) believe it can significantly improve your chances of gaining consistency as a trader. Let me share this day trader tip with you and offer up a solution that I can stand behind with first hand experience!

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