It’s not a good feeling when it happens, but it is what it is: missed goals. I wanted to share my November day trading results with you and use them as the reference point for some day trader tips on how I handle missed goals. Like I mentioned above, it is going to happen from time to time as that’s just part of the business (and life). The only way to never miss a goal is to never have any goals in the first place, and yeah… that’s some massive weak sauce! The human mind can be a very crazy and dangerous place for those of us trading the financial markets, and at times, it will cause us to make unneeded moves. One of the causes of these bad decisions can be a missed goal. On the surface, it seems to make sense. If you missed a goal you must have been doing something wrong or not making the proper effort? Again, in many situations that would be a logical line of thinking; however, when it comes to the world of trading, that can get you into loads of troubles. Let me explain what I mean and how this all works so that you can be better prepared as a trader for the times when you may not accomplish your goal.

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