Some of the most important day trader tips I can give you revolve around your emotions and psychology as a flawed human being. I truly wish I could sit here and tell beginner day traders that emotions and feelings can be completely turned off when you are trading online; however, that would be a lie. The best we can do as day traders is to be aware of how our human psychology works and then implement methods to help us fight against it. In this video I want to share with you a tip that I use in order to protect myself against “trading ego”. In order to have consistent money making success as a day trader, you certainly need to have confidence and trust in your strategies and ability as a trader. With that being said, there’s also a fine line that exists where you confidence can turn into ego. When this line has been crossed, you are setting yourself up for some very dangerous (and painful) consequences. I’ve been trading since 2006, or in other words, I have a whole lot of experience with the pain that trading ego brings with it for those who are unprepared. I hope this video demonstrates just how trading ego can arise, but even better, a practical solution that you can use to protect yourself against it!

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