From one day trader to another, whenever you get the results you’ll see in this video, be warned! While I have not given these types of results maximum consideration, if I did, I could see myself concluding they’re the most dangerous you could get. Depending on how new you are to day trading, you may or may not be aware of how big the mental challenges are when it comes to emotions. One of the most surprising things I’ve learned since becoming a day trader almost two decades ago is how sometimes the emotions pop up form the most random areas of the human mind. Because of this fact, you need to be prepared to always be on your toes and ready for whatever the market throws your way from day to day. I love being a day trader and using it as a side hustle to make extra money; however, like all things worthwhile, they require dedication and hard work. Day trading is certainly no exception and this video will show you exactly why. In my opinion, the best way to learn and understand key concepts is not with “theory”, but rather, with “real life examples”. On that note, I will be using some of my personal day trading results that I captured on video. I will walk you through a day trade, step-by-step, so you can see how these emotions were created and then why they can be so dangerous. I think you’ll be shocked at where this video ends; however, that’s the entire point! Sometimes situations and trade results are so dangerous because they arise from odd areas!

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