I understand there are lots of day trading strategies out there, but I wanted to share with you one of my favorites: the sniper shot. Is this a perfect day trading strategy that will always make you money? Of course not! There is no such thing as a perfect day trading strategy. With that being said, when you have a firm understanding of trading and technical analysis, this is a strategy that can be very beneficial when used within the proper context. I want to walk you through the foundations of this strategy and the principles it is built upon. While it may appear as though I’m insulting your intelligence, I promise that’s not the case! I’ve had this YouTube channel and my educational site since 2013 and I tell you this because I’ve lost count of the times people comment about how some of the most obvious dynamics of day trading hide in plain sight. It is pretty amazing though how when you identify these basic principles and then implement them into a day trading strategy how impactful they can become. Instead of continuing to try and explain with words, let me show you a real life example of this strategy from my personal day trading results I captured on video!

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