I have nothing against memories. They’re fantastic and certainly contain value. My problem is how people use this fact and take it to overblown proportions. Particularly when it comes to young people. I see it quite a bit when it comes to managing money and saving to build wealth. People too often hide behind the excuse of, “you never know what tomorrow will bring, so let’s live for today!”. That’s a fair point; however, it’s confirmation bias at its best. Not only is it overvaluing memories, it is discounting the fact that certain actions in and of themselves can create fantastic memories! I want to share my perspective given I am now getting a… “bit”… older at age 39. As I look back on my life and consider my “memories”, I would say they’re not worth as much as some think. On top of this, some of my favorite memories are the ones that, at the time, didn’t feel like would be a memory of any kind! Let’s be smart about the present AND the future!

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