As a beginner day trader I know you can quickly get overwhelmed as you search for a valid strategy that will make you consistent money. There are just so many strategies and systems to choose from, it’s hard to know which ones are worthwhile and which ones are just going to cause you heart ache and suffering. While it is true we are all different in terms of risk tolerance and comfort levels, there is one strategy that is extremely flawed and will eventually burn you bad and lose you lots of money. The tricky part with this strategy and thought process is that on the surface, it seems logical and wise. It seems like a more than valid and rational choice making system; however, that’s where I want to take a further step and peel back the layers of this strategy by showing you how it’s flawed. I’ve been guiding traders with this channel since 2013 and have lost count of how many people use this kind of logic, which can work, but when it eventually stops working, creates a whole lot of pain! Let’s learn how to avoid the pain by being proactive against it!

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