This may seem like a bold and arrogant claim on my part, but it’s the truth. How much of a truth is it? So much so that I will make a guarantee! In the world of financial investments and such, “guarantees” is a sketchy territory that must be treaded with care. This is how certain I am in making this guarantee. You need to do what I talk about in this video, or you will fail as a day trader. Will this failure happen immediately? It could, but it could also occur after you have built up a (false) hope of security thinking you’ve built a valid day trading strategy. If you refuse to develop the skill set I talk about her and implement into your strategy, you are giving yourself a ticking time bomb that could explode at any point. For those of you who appreciate real life examples and not just “examples in theory”, no worries, I’ll be showing you two separate trades of mine that illustrate this very skill that is a requirement! Let’s get to it!

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