The Original Trade Idea: See It HERE

I get it. Everyone seems to be talking about Dogecoin and making predictions as far and wide as imaginable. But, how do professionals make money from the world of the financial markets. Whether that be the cryptocurrency market or the stock market, when a professional approaches a trade idea, there is a massive difference compared to what you will normally see on social media, redditt, online message boards, etc. The difference in these trade ideas and plans is what will ultimately keep the professional in the markets while the others eventually lose all their money. I understand the allure of simplicity and wanting to keep things simple, which “buy and hold” implies; however, if you want to be an active trader and make active income on a monthly basis, you need to approach your trade ideas differently. If you want to learn how to trade like a professional, give this video a watch and you’ll see exactly the thought process you should be considering.

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