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Expectations in Line with Reality

As much as I wish I could say every single week my scans cause money and profits to rain from the sky, that would be a lie. Sometimes in the life of a trader, the “blah weeks” happen and that’s just part of business. While I understand these results aren’t nearly as exciting as past videos, it does give a great view of reality. So, if you are someone with the goal as a trader to keep expectations in line with reality, then this video will serve you well!

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Hey, it's Clay at ClayTrader.com.This will be the weekly review of the Power ProfitScan Newsletter, which is one part of the Inner Circlesubscription service.The other big part is the Live Trading Chat Room.But for this video we're gonna focusjust on the newsletter here.A couple quick disclosures,although I suppose in this video I don't really needto make these.That'll make more sense here in a bit.First off, nobody is perfect, nothing is perfect.No scan is perfect.So I don't wanna come across like I am proclaimingevery single alert made, every single setup alertedis some sort of huge money-making event.Yeah, winners do happen, but it's not likeevery single alert I send out is a winner.But what I wanna focus on quicklyis losses do happen, because like I said,nothing is perfect.So when those losses do occur,that's why risk management, risk control,risk analysis is so important.Because when you keep losses controlled,when you keep losses in a way that's notblowing up your account, you gotta think aboutthe flip side of the coin,the flip side being winners also happen.So when winning trades do occuryou wanna make sure that you have your accountin the best possible way to succeed,and succeed being defined as not onlywiping away those losses but continuing a nice steady,consistent upwards growth.So risk management very very important.Second, I am gonna be going back quite a waysto the week of January 21st.Hey Clay, why are you going so far back?Fair question.Two answers.One, it just has given the chart plenty of time to play out,so we know what happens.And then second, it's a matter of being fair.The last thing I would want is for somebodyto pay for something, and then all of a suddensee what they just paid for out there for free.They would feel probably ripped offand they would be justified in thinking so.So that is why we are going back quite a bit of ways.So let's get this under way and take a lookat some of the past charts.Before I get into anything I do wanna notethat this is just, it happens.This being, as you're about to see,nothing very exciting is going to occur.And I wanna honor your time,so if you're looking for explosive percentages,if you are looking for explosive alerts,then turn off the video right now.If you're looking for realistic results,if you're looking for kind of, hey, this is what happenssometimes, then keep on watching,because you're gonna get a big doseof an honest reality here of just what sometimes occursin the market, as a trader.And from a marketing perspective,from a business perspective,yeah, I'm probably not necessarily doing myselfany favors, but I'm just trying to catertowards the crowd that wants to keep things real.That wants to keep expectations in line with reality.And those are the people I wanna surround myself with.I don't wanna surround myself with people that thinkthat unless you're making 100% you're a failure.No, you know, that's not a realistic mentality.That is a sucker's mentality.So this is definitely geared towards,I'll be fully honest, from a business perspective,I'm hoping to bring in people that are like, hey,I appreciate you keeping it real,I appreciate you trying to keep our expectationsin line with reality.I wanna sign up because you are the exact type of personthat I wanna surround myself with.So once more, in the spirit of trying to respectyour time, if you are somebody that thinks,well, you gotta have huge resultsin order for it to be successful all the time,yeah, this video is not for you,because this was, I don't wanna come acrossand say it was a bad week 'cause it wasn't.It was just kind of an eh type week.And if you watched the past videosyou've seen we've had some very very nice weeks.But I'll be honest, this was just not one of those weeks,but like I was saying, it happened.So let's first get to this first one here.For EXEL.And this was the technical pattern category.It just had a nice bull pennant, made a nice move up.Was doing some consolidating.So let's see how this one played out.A couple of brief commentsjust based on questions that I've gotten quite a bit now.First off, hey Clay, what prices do you coverin the newsletter?I cover whatever.I don't really look at prices.I do but they're very far down the priority list.My main priority is hey, I want setups that I believehave the highest probabilities of creating the typeof success that we want.So if that means it's a five-cent stockor a $500 stock, you know what,I care more so about probabilities than anything else.So that is price range, I try to do a variety,but that is very low down the priority list.Second, when does all this occur?These newsletters are sent out over the weekend.That way you have plenty of time to look at 'emand to put together a trade plan for them.Or just kind of think about them.The last thing I want is, hey, here's a chartand you have about two seconds to think about it.You have plenty of time 'cause like I said,the newsletters are sent out over the weekend,usually on Saturday mornings.So let's get to it.EXEL, that bull pennant.Let's see how things played out.And you can see right off the get-go,broke down through the trend line,so that wasn't a very good sign.Did bounce back upwards.And the power charts got right rejectedat that trend line there.So no breakout.And then back down it went quite a bit.Which at that point I'm assuming it would have probablygotten knocked off of most people's radars.Just because it even violated that low right there.Not saying for sure, but I think I feel pretty confidentin saying that.But what I wanna focus on,we'll turn this into a little learning lesson,is just the power of charts.Are charts perfect?Absolutely not.Nothing is perfect.But should charts at least be learned,should charts at least be in your trader tool belt?Yes, absolutely.So just keep in mind, that trend line right therethat I drew originally has already forecastedthat one rejection area.So let's just go back up and check that out again.Did it hit it exactly?No, but pretty impressive that the pricegot right up at that area again within the general vicinity.And was once more rejected right back down,as you can see the price headed back down.So right there, I mean it wasn't a losing trade.It just, there was no trade.It just never broke out.It tried on a couple different occasions,but it just simply never broke out.What I do like about it is pretty coolhow you start a trend line right here,and then you extend that into the future,and then the future it did a good jobof forecasting where those next couple areasof resistance would be.From a shorting perspective maybe some people made money.But that wasn't the premise, so I'm not gonna tryto twist things around so I can still createa winning trade, when the whole premise wassome sort of breakout to the upside,not a short-sided trade.But yeah, it is what it is.The next alert to look at here, HEAR.And as you see up here, just kind of what isa breakout brewing.There are some nice stairsteps being put into place,so the price was definitely trending upwards.But there is quite a bit of historywith it being rejected by this area right here.So just simply the big question was, hey,is some sort of breakout getting set up?Is the breakout brewing?You had the bigger volume kick in.So let's see how this one played out.I'll kinda offer up this spoiler.At least this one was pretty quick in letting usknow, yeah, we're not here to play ball.There is no breakout brewing.The very, you know, opening day of the next week,slight gap up, still not anywhere closeto the breakout point.And then the price just flushed downwards.And then the next few days really confirmed thatas the price got that much lower.You know, broke down through that stair step,as you can see right there.So once again, not a losing trade.There just wasn't a trade.There was never a breakout.And yeah, in past videos of theseI'm sure you've seen the stocks that do get the breakout,and then break out and keep on going.In this case there just simply wasn't a breakout.So it's not like it was a losing trade or anything.There just wasn't a trade to actually takeor do anything about.So let's move onto then next one.For the next one, ticker symbol CZR.And just kind of questioning,is this the start of a bigger breakout?'Cause yeah, it actually did technicallyalready begin to break out right there.Definitely could have used a little bit more volume,hence the blah down there.But the point being was hey, the price is showingsome opening steps.Let's see if the volume can get any sort of follow-throughand create a bigger breakout.So let's see how this one played out.So here's the chart going into the weekend.And the opening day of the new week.The nice thing here was that there was no teasing,there was no misdirection.The price just flat out gapped down.So that is the one benefit here.Sometimes it's a fake breakout,but then the price doesn't actually give you a heads upit's a fake breakout here.Totally gave everybody a heads up with the gap down.So right there I guess this isn't a bigger breakout,'cause now all of a sudden the price is gapping down.So a kind gesture here from CZR.But they key here is think about EXEL,that first chart we looked at,where we talked about that trend line extending now,and seeing if the price could ever break it again.On that one, no, the price got up thereand never could break back up above it.But just because it doesn't break out necessarily,it's always worth at least keeping an eye on,especially when there's no crashes,so it's not like the price totally collapsed.It just pulled back some.Went back in this consolidation mode.You can see right there once again failed to break through.Failed to break through.And then right there it did get the break.And remember what was I talking about volume?Well, check out the volume bar right there.This was a break with volume.So let's see how that played out.It doesn't necessarily look like too much space-wise,but that did ultimately resultin a 10.2% gain.Nothing huge but that's why I gave the warning.But still 10% in a matter of a few weeks.That's not too bad, especially when it waskind of a slow methodical move.But the lesson there is keep an eye on it.Just because something is rejected at first,maybe the next go-round it can get through.But 10.2% on CZR.The final one here, ticker NBR and same exact categoryas the previous one.Hey, is this the start of a bigger breakout?You can see that the price was actuallyhad already broken up above this trend line here.I did make note, just keep in mind the 50 SMA,'cause that could put a pretty quick stop to the party.So the 50 SMA is looming large.But the whole entire premise being, hey,is this the start of a bigger breakout?'Cause the breakout started but is it gonna get bigger?So again, the chart over the weekend.The next day you see will be the first dayof the new week.And like the previous one, at least this onewas polite enough to just gap downand answer the question very quickly,hey, is this the start of something bigger?Nope, it's not, the price is now gapping downbefore the market even opens.So that was a very pleasant movein the sense of, all right, well, no cruel jokesor anything like that.So from that point of view I feel very confidentsaying yeah, it's not like.Now it's much different if the pricewere to open here and be like, okay,it's looking like it maybe is the breakout.And then all of a sudden the price goes back down.But at least that one gapped up pre-market.But again, same topic that we've been kindafocusing on.Let's keep an eye on this trend line hereand see if there's any other opportunitiesat another breakout.So you can see it does pull backbut it's not like the price crashes down or anything.It just pulls back into this general range right there.Once more tries to get above that area, and rejected.Right there it does actually get up above it.Does pull back a little bit more,so a little bit of an uh-oh, did I buy a bad break?But again, it's not like the price flushesor anything like that.And then you can see the price makes a turnaroundright there, and eventually makes its way up therefor a gain of 12.5%.I realize that doesn't look like a huge distance,but you gotta keep in mind the price rangewe're talking about is sub $5.So those percentages do add up quicker.So again, 12.5%.I mean it's nothing huge but trying to keep thingsin perspective.12.5%, a couple weeks, not too bad,especially if you go into your local bankand look at the CD rates that they'll pay youfor two years or three years.12.5% in a couple weeks isn't too bad.But overall, yeah, that was it.That was the couple winners.The other one on the week was once againone of those no-plays.So in a weird way it's not like there wasany losing trades.It was just, there just wasn't really that much going on,either from nothing occurring, no trade to even take,or the ones that really did move,and this sounds bad because yeah,12.5% is actually a really solid movewhen you compare it to the local bank.But if you have watched past videosyou know I've talked about bigger ones.But yeah, kind of a very blah type of week.But as I stated at the beginning,blah type of weeks, I don't care who you are,who you pretend to be, who you try to portray yourself,they happen to everybody.And that was just a blah type of weekfor the scanners and for the alerts that I made.And it is what it is.But like I said, ideally,my business goal here, my marketing goalfull of transparency is hey, I would love,if you're one of those people that are like,hey, yeah, I wanna have realistic expectations.I don't wanna have some pie-in-the-sky.I don't wanna be blinded by greedand blinded by all the,I wanna just have a realistic expectation of the market.Then yeah, please, consider signing up here.You are the people I wanna surround myself with.You could go to ClayTrader.com/innercircleand sign up there.You can just go to ClayTrader.comand clock on the Inner Circle area.You see here all the other benefits.We talked about the scans,but as I also talked about in the very opening,there is that Love Trading Chat Roomand some other dynamics.There's a mobile app, so it's not likeyou have to stay chained to your computeror anything like that.You can stay in touch no matter where you are.The price of all this is $99 per year.Not per week, not per month, per year.If you do the math it breaks down to $8.25 per month.Or if you break down the math even further,just out of curiosity, well, what does it actually cost meper week?$1.90.I'll say that again.$1.90 per week.So truly no excuses.It's more than fair in pricing,and as I always say, over the time-span of 12 monthsI'm more than confident you're gonna get at least$99 worth of value.So I hope you consider joining.If there are any other questions,please let me know it on the comments sectionson social media.Reach out to me, I'd be happy to help 'em,but hey, if you want to have realistic expectations,then let's go.

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How to Kill Your Stress, Fear, and Frustration as a Trader