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Exposed: Guru Alert Service Business Model

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The trading service guru business model,let's talk about how it actually works.Depending on how new you are to the market,I'm sure you've seen something out there,or some person, or some entity is saying,"Hey, look at all the money I make trading."In fact, look at all these past trades that I've made."And then, showing all those past trades,they're showinggood, solid progress.There's no doubt about that.But hey, you know what?If looking at my gains,sign up for my service, and I'm gonna tell youwhat I'm trading.And you can trade alongside me,and all that sort of good stuff.They offer an alert service,up stock picking service, insert blank picking service.You know, a forex picking service.I mean, all sorts of cryptocurrency, options,all that sort of stuff.But the backbone is that they were showing their resume,and the resume does indeed show trades.And these trades are obviously all good, solid ones.And you know what?They're actually, probably even real in some cases.But how does this all work?Well I wanna break down this whole business modelbecause that's exactly what it is,and it's a shame that so many people fall for it.But it is actually a really good business model.Now, before, "Clay, but you offer a chatroom."I do offer a chatroom, but nowhere do I say,hey, follow me into a trade.Hey, do what I'm doing.Hey, buy here and, no, it's we offer alerts,but then it is up to the memberto take that alert and to apply to their strategythat they have.Maybe an alert doesn't apply to their strategy,but that's part of having a strategy,is you know what alerts, what or what not apply to it."Geez, Clay, that sounds like kind of a lot of work."I just wanna be told what to do."Do you really think trading is that easy,to be told what to do?"Yeah, I do Clay because I look at"this person, and that person."And they post their trading record,"and they're selling on these big gains."And they're like real trades."Well, let's stop and think about how this works.So we have some sort of person here.And we'll just call them the guru.So what are they gonna do?Again, I'm saying that these trades are not fakin' 'em,or anything else.But they're going to be making an alert.So they do make an alertto these people all over here.And these are all their membersthat are paying to get these alertsbecause the guru has a great resume.But this is where things get kind of interesting.The actual alert, right here.Because let me ask you this,do you think this person, the guru, is going to buy beforethey alert it?Or do you think they're gonna buy it after they alert it?"Well, Clay, I mean I understand supply and demand."And if this person wants the best entry point,"their probably gonna buy like super early in the process."I think you have good common sense.I think you have good logic.I would agree.So they're actually buyingright around here.Maybe not quite at the beginning,but they are buying in a super, superlocation where it's going to benefit them.And then this boils down to well,what are they actually alerting?And in many of these cases,I'll change up the colors for this,the alert is something that's gotmore so low volume,or low float sometimes.That just means that not many people are trading it,but if they do start to trade itbecause it's got a low float,it'll move pretty quickly.But the point is, they are alerting something,they're not gonna go on alert Microsoft,or Apple, or something like that that's gotmillions upon millions of shares out there,and that's not gonna fly and move very quickly.So they're gonna alert something that's definitelya little bit more sketchy in terms ofhistoric volume.So they're gonna alert that to all these people.So when all these people goand start to play at this sort of stock,yeah, it is actually goingto make a good, solid move.So what is this guru get to do?Well, the guru,because all these people are buying,that leads to them being able to justbank a nice trade.They sell.They make a nice trade,and they lock in those gains.So what are they gonna do about that?Well, they're gonna bring that over hereto the resume.To what they show everybody."Hey, check this all out."Look at all these past trades I've made."Maybe they're verified, whatever,but they're going be talking about these tradeswhich again, I'm not even saying they're fake.They're real.But let's actually figure something out here.What happened to all these people over here?Well, you know what?Some of 'em probably did make money.But you know what happened to other people?Because they're just blindly following,they got absolutely slaughtered.It's a game of musical chairs,and they get slaughtered.Like I said, maybe this personsurvives, survives, survives,but eventually, you know what?They're gonna get slaughteredbecause it boils down to the very basiclogic of, if trading was really just as easy asblindly following somebody else,you know, let me mimic your trading,let me do what you're doing,don't you think success rateswould be a little higher than 10%?And some people argue that 10%is even too high of a statistic.Don't you think that if trading was really this easy,to just follow some guru, that rates would be higher?Now, I'll just leave it at that.But that brings up the question,Clay, you said this was a great business model,and now all these people got slaughtered.Well, yeah, those people got slaughtered,but what is the business predicated on?It's predicated on this right here.So the big thing now is,now what color?We'll go back to this.How do they get more people to alert to?Well, they're gonna be focused on that resume.And when they're focusing on that resume,what's that gonna do?Well, that's gonna populate.Well, now you have more people.So they just bring, so that person's gonna replace them.Then they bring in somebody else.That's gonna replace them.Somebody else, that replaces them.And now you have a whole new crop of sheep.And the process just goes on.They make an alert.A bunch of these people get slaughtered again.But because they make a great tradebecause they're getting in at a great location,they get to build their resume again.So even when,I dropped my red, we'll just have to go with this.So even when these peopleget slaughtered, it doesn't matterbecause what does the guru do?If you're saying, "Well, they point to their resume"because they've been make good trades."Exactly.And that just brings in a whole new crop of people,a whole new crop of sheep, and it goesaround, and around, and around.So yes, the trader is making money on trades.The trader is actually probably growing their accountvery nicely, and being able to post a very nice resume,but that's just all because ofthis over here.So they can keep on bringing in new peoplethat just feed the cycle.So that's the guru business model.If you see anybody out there that'sbragging about their track record,and then selling a service to you, where,"Hey, you pay me and I'm gonna tell you what I'm trading."I'm gonna tell you what to trade."This is what's going on.Heck, a lot of times these people,maybe they even have like, "Hey, check out this person,"or check out this person."And they're posting a bunch of huge gains.Yeah, you know what?You do this enough times,statistics will say, yeah, that, you know,1%, 2% of time maybe you'll find somebodythat it actually works out.And they just, through luck of the drawthat they actually survive all the slaughterhouse.But behind the backgrounds, there's all sortsof dead bodies all over the place of peoplewhere it didn't work out for them.So just be very, very aware of that.That the guru, they're a great trader in most casesbecause of the stocks that they're alertingare sketchy in volume.And when you have sketchy in volume,and then you have a bunch of sheep that follow you,that's gonna make the prices shoot up.That's gonna make the price go in your favorat least for a little bit of timewhere you can lock in those gains,and then just continue to build that resume.So be aware of it.That's howit works out there.It's a great business model to go onbecause as long as you can post that strong resumeand brag about how great of trader you are,the sheep will keep on coming.The sheep will keep getting slaughtered,but you'll be able to keep on bringing 'em inand that's what it's all about.So yeah, that's how the guru model works.That's how the alert service works.Follow me, trade like me, trade what what I'm trading.Any variation of that,this is what's going on.If you're out there trading alone currently,and maybe are in the market looking fora community to join, to assist you in your trading.Or to just help you, you know, give another set of eyeballs,then I do have a private trading communitywhere you can trade alongside meand other experienced traders.So what you see popping up on the screen right nowis both an information link.So if you click on the Inner Circle one,that is going to take you to the pagewhere I explain all the detailsof what exactly come with the community,both the chatroom and the newsletter.And then the other image that has popped upis a behind the scenes tour where you can see exactlywhat is going to be contained within the community.I take you through, like I said, a behind the scenestour of everything.And that way, you'll know precisely what you are gettingwhen you join.So definitely check that stuff out if you are interestedand thinking about wanting to join a community.And let me know if you have any questions.

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How to Kill Your Stress, Fear, and Frustration as a Trader