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Going Short Brings the Profit

Lots of good learning lessons of how to trade wisely in this weeks review of some of the alerts that I sent out to members of my subscription service. You will also see the power and benefit of knowing how to short as it would have allowed for some overall profits to be made. Have a strategy and even when nothing explodes, for the trader with full flexibility and a plan, money can still be made.

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Hey, it's clay at ClayTrader.com.This will be the weekly review of the power profitsscan newsletter which is a part of the subscription servicethat I offer before anything else couple disclosures.First off, I'm not trying to implyor make you think that every single alert that I send outis a money making winner know scan is perfect,nobody is perfect.So I'm not trying to sit here and make it seem like.If you sign up, then you're just going to win win winall the time.That's not how it works and anybody that's tryingto make you think that you're always going to winis trying to deceive you because losing as part of the game.However, that's also why risk management,risk control, risk analysis is so importantbecause losses happen, but winners also happen.So when those winners do occur,you want to make sure that you have your accountproperly positioned to whether those lossesthat way when the winners come along,you know your account can still grow over time very,very important lesson.Second, we are going to be going back a ways into you knowthe history of things and looking at the week ofFebruary 18, why are you going so far back Clay?More than fair question.First off, it's just simply giving the chartand giving the alert plenty of time to kind of play outso we can see what happened.Second, it's just a matter of being fair.I mean, if you paid for something and then all of a suddenyou saw that same information out there for free,you'd probably feel a little ripped offand I would understand so it's just a matter of being fairand letting everything play out.So with that being said, let's get started.But what you are seeing on the screen right now is behindafter you sign in, and this is part of the member portal,and you know, you can just go to the newsletter sectionand all the scans are listed there for each week.I also email it so it's a situation of you know,whatever makes your life easier if you want to checkyour email perfect if you just want to log directlyin your account.You can do that too.But inside your account is what you're looking at right now.Also, before I forget some like big questions,I get a clay what price stocks Do you coverwhat what prices, any price?Price is very low down on the list.I care about probabilities of success,probabilities of things working out.So here you're going to see,you know, we're talking about a sub $10 stock.But you'll notice those prices are all over the placeas we go and if you watch past videos,you've seen me talk about stocks that are tradingfor less than a penny.And other times I'm talking about stocks that are over $100.So to me, it's not about the price,it's about probabilities,probabilities of success that the trade might work outand then also, when are these sent out,they are sent out on the weekend,that way, you have plenty of time to go through analyzeand you know, put together some sort of game plan.You know, it's not like it's a last second thingwhere I send something out and then you have to makesome sort of rash decision, nothing like that.You have plenty of time to think things over.So the first alert here, we're going to talk aboutis just put it in the tactical pattern category.LCI and the good old fashioned bullpen at pattern.So let's see how this one played out.So here was the chart and what it looked like overthe weekend and then the next candlestickyou see will be one the market is back open again.And you can see right out of the gates,it actually broke out made a about a 50 cent move.So there was dependent on your strategy,perhaps some room at profits.But I'm not going to chalk this one up as a winner becauseif we let this play out some more,you can see that ultimately it just completely fell apart.And there is no more annoying thing than a beautiful patternwhere you get the breakout,and then the breakout just totally what's the bedand down it goes.But you know what?It happens and that's just part of the game.The good news is it's not like it was some sort of crazydrastic move or anything,I mean, this was a loss yeah,but I don't see how this could have been any sortof gigantic loss unless you broke the rulesif you decided to, nope, I'm not taking a loss.Nope, I'm not taking a loss, then yeah,that loss could have gotten pretty big,but if you're disciplined about it,hence, you know, the big learning lesson at the beginning,control your losses, manage your losses, understand risk,and how to you know, keep risk as controlled as possiblethen like I said on the bright side yeah super annoyedwith a fake break out there but the bright side therewhat I don't want to say easy but very manageableto manage your risk,that you know that is definitely not out of the questionat all but yeah as far as this one was concernedwas a loss but a very manageable loss.Next one here just kind of created a category for itjust battle approaching so battle approaching VRAYand then, like I talked about down here was all aboutthat 200-SMA, sitting right below it so that you know,the question was, you know, could the price actuallypush up through it.So let's see how this one played out.Before I do that, though, I want to get a little bitand keep some perspective here.But this is bank rate.And you know that this is as up today's you can get,but you can see up here this week's national averagesfor the CDs so two years CD, 0.94%,five years CD, five years 1.44%but let's just look at some of the better one whoops,some of the better ones out there.What is this?Let's see.Yeah or anything not really.These are all pretty much right around there.But here we are and like I said, these are some of the best18 months think about that 18 months a year and a half 2.7%so just keep in mind those numbers 18 months 2.7%.So VRAY a while going into the first day,remember there's that line up there represents the 200period moving average right there.So let's see if the price good break above itand get any sort of movement with it.So right there, the break was accomplished.You can see just kind of little bit of a pullback there,nothing extreme came right back to life.Held up there and made that little jump right thereand that representative a nice solid move of 10.8%,before it fell back over,am I saying people played it perfectly and got the 10.8%I'm not saying that that's just the profit windowthat it moved.So maybe you screwed up half the trade and you got,you know, 5.5% out of it or some, you know,somewhere around there 5.5% in a matter of a couple weeks,what were those?What was that other eight?Let's see, 5.5% in two weeks, or 2.7%, in 18 months,I get it 10.8% not a huge percentage, relatively speakingto maybe other alerts that I've made,and you've seen these videos, but still,it's always important to keep things in perspective10.8% compared to,what 2.7% over 18 months,still a good solid little play.And it's also helping to chip away at that loss,now, who knows this this when in and of itselfcould have wiped away that that first chartthat we looked at, that was a loss,but let's just say that now,it didn't quite wipe it away, but chipping away at it,but not quietly, you know,but not quite all the way wiped away.So let's move on the next one.Next one to look at here another technical patternAXDX and pretty self explanatory,just a nice overall wedge patternafter a good solid bullish move.So kind of just a question of can this thing get some morecontinuation to the upside.So let's see how this one all played out.So here we go.That first day, got up through there,but then pulled back slightly, but nothing drasticor anything like that.And then that next day, all of a sudden, boom,beautiful move, and quite the extreme movein a very short amount of time.And that all represented on an 11.4% moveand you can see it went back up there a couple of timesbefore finally rolling back over,again am I saying anybody played a perfectly and got 11.4%.No, but again, let's say you're screwed up half the tradeand got, let's just call it let's call it 6%.6% in the matter of, I don't know, a day, two days,three days, whatever you want to call it.So 6% in three days, or 2.7% in 18 months,not too bad.Very, very important to always keep things in perspective,as a trader, let's keep moving.And to carry on with our kind of little hypothetical here,that first chart was a loss.That second chart was a win, but maybe a win that chippedaway at the loss and the one we just looked at,let's just say got your back to break even.So you're back to break even though you got that,loss out of the way you're back to break evenand not want to look at one more chart.And this is comes from a different part of the newsletterwhere I just throw out the symbols.So there are no charts, but the reason I don't throw chartsas well, because they're all based on this coursethat I offer.So if you go through the course, then you're gonna be ableto look at these ticker symbols and be like, okay,yeah, I can do that.Okay, yeah, I can do that.One of those things where it'sthe power of knowledge, right?If somebody teaches you how to fish then you can just lookat a ticker symbol and be like, okay, yep, yep, I see that,I see that, I need to check this alright, perfect,that is how I'm going to play it and that's how it works.But for this one, we're going to focus on EVH,just as an FYI, that one would have been a small lossthat one would have been probably not even touched itor a no playand then EVH, we'll, let's just see how this one played out.Very quickly, clay, what do you mean by shorting?What is shortening?shortening is the ability to make money when prices go down.Yes so as prices go down, your profits go up.That's what shorting is, in a nutshellI have lots of other details about...Well how does that actually work?But for the point of this video, that's all you need to knowprices that are going down,that implies that your account would be rising in value.So shorting you want to see prices going down.So here was the chart setup going into, you know,the alert, and just to kind of give more contextfor those students.Hopefully you kind of see the setuphere that you could play.But let's see how this one all played out.So remember, price is going down equal good thing,so we want to see red candles now.And that first day out of the week thing just totallycollapse down it went,down at one some moredown, it went even more with a gap down there.And down it went even more.And that whole move right there was good for 28.7%will say you're screwed up half the trade and got 14%out of it.So 14% gain, not too bad.But the other thing is, this is why you have to learnhow to short this is why you need to give yourself fullflexibility because by doing so in our hypothetical,yeah, you went long yeah, you went long.Yeah, you went long, and you going long went to break even.But because there's this, there's also this abilityto make money when prices go down.Now you have total flexibility because a price can go up,I can make money a price can go down, I can make moneyand in this situation that like said the 14% would haveput your way in the green that would have put your nicelyin the green for the week.Because again, let's say you're at breakeven,now you're up 14% and you're up 14% and just a you know,a relatively short amount of time compared to18 months at 2.7%.I hope you see how first off the you know,kind of the learning lessons here, managing riskis very important.Don't let losses spin out of controlbecause they're gonna happen.But if you keep them tight, like we saw on that first one,then you can dig out the next to show the quote unquotedig out process and then by giving yourselfthe ultimate flexibility as a trader,by also being able to go short and knowinghow to go short, then you can, you know,just add that much more profit potential,because this one would, you know, taking the breakevenstatus well into the green, and that's the name of the game.So if you're interested in shorting, like I said,and showed on that previous area right here,I do offer a course.But shorting is definitely something that you want to takevery seriously, because you can get yourselfin a lot of trouble if you don't honor rulesand don't honor stock laws and all that,but if you're wanting to learn,I do offer a shorting for profit course right there.And then finally, time to join the group.A lot of benefits come with it,Yes we just focus on the power profit scan portion of it.But there's also a live trading roomwhere I give up watch list every single morningand then I'm very active I make alert somewhatcommon toward Terry.There's one of the rooms is just called the lounge.So they're a bunch of people just hang out.So yeah, that's the other part of it.There is a map that goes or map that is a map app,there's an app that goes with it and there's that doesn'tcost anything more.So it's also not a situation where you have to stay changeyour computer, or anything like that you can stay in touch,no matter where you are with the appand the room is mobile phone friendly anyways.But point being you don't have stay change your computer.And the price of all this is just $99 not per month,not per quarter per year, do the math,and it breaks down $8 and 25 cents per month,or if you break it down for per week$1 and 90 cent per week.If you can't afford $1 90 per week, just to keep it real.You shouldn't be trading right now you need to be focusedon other things, as in your personal finances.But because if you can't afford somethingor you can't make a sacrifice have a cup of coffee a weekfor $1 90, then there's some underlying issues there,because now if this was $999 per year,that's a totally different story.But $99 per year, like I said, I think I not thinkI know that's more than fair and as I always say,over the time span of 12 months,I am more than confident you're going to get at least $99worth of value.So you can go to the link right there to sign up.And if there are any other questions,let me know down in the comments section hit me up onsocial media or whatever makes your life easier,am more than happy to help answer your questions.But let's go time to get signed up.

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How to Kill Your Stress, Fear, and Frustration as a Trader