One of the secrets to day trading success is to be a beginner day trader with realistic expectations. When you are prepared for certain types of day trades you will make (opposed to being surprised and caught off guard), you will be better equipped to execute your strategy the way it should be. As much as I wish I could say every single day trade you will make will turn out to be flawless with no headaches, that’s just not the reality of the stock market. When trades like the one you’ll see in this video occur, please understand that it does not mean you are a bad trader or need to lose faith in your strategy. All it means is you are doing your best to manage risk and protect your trading capital, which is vital. If you are wanting to learn how to day trade stocks online with realistic examples and not picture perfect examples from a textbook, then this video will show you a recent experience I had as a day trader. Let my personal day trading results show you what kind of trades to be prepared for if you’re going to day trade.