If you want a powerful day trading tool to use, you better be asking yourself if you “got trendlines?”. I understand that it can be a very big temptation to fall into the “the more complicated the more better” mindset of choosing day trading tools; however, that is very unnecessary. As a beginner day trader and someone just getting started, you’re going to want to keep strategies as simple as possible when trying to find trading set-ups. Trendlines are a tool that allow you to do this in a very effective way. When you slow down and think about the trading tool of trendlines, it does make sense. Given they are very easy to implement and use, you know that many traders (both new and old) are using them around the world. Because of this fact, whether you want to call it a self fulfilling prophecy or not, these trendlines can be highly respected within the world of technical analysis and price action. I do also realize that you can sit here and accuses me of being like a book and talking ‘in theory”. That is a fair criticism on your part, so I want to take this discussion a bit further and use some of my personal day trading results to illustrate the power of trendlines. As traders, we want to keep our strategy as simple as possible, and a trendline is a great starting point to do exactly that. Let me show you!

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