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Grand Theft Auto (GTA) and the Stock Market

If you are a fan of the video game franchise, Grand Theft Auto, then you very well may be intrigued by the “stock market’ section of the game. More specifically, you may be curious if the “stock market’ is just part of the game, or if it exists in the real world? I explain more of this with some bits of caution.

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Grand Theft Auto and the stock market.Does the stock market thing actually existlike it does in the game?Let's talk about it.I'm frustrated at myself.I had several of these comments come up,but of course, I never got the screenshot.And it just kinda dawned on me,you know, why don't I just do a video on thisbecause Grand Theft Auto, the video game,has spurred some people into my videosto the point of actually leaving commentsand wondering about things.So I thought,why not just throw this video out there,and try to, if in case there's any otherGrand Theft Auto game players out there,that they can kind of understandthat the one dynamic of the game is actually it's real.It exists in the real world.And that is the facet of the game,where you have a stock market.Now, this is both good and bad.And this is also kind of an introductory video.So I mean, if you know what the stock market is,then I mean there's really no point in this,but if you're somebody that is kinda just wonderingwhat's up with the stock market,is it real?Does it really work like that in the game.Then yeah, this is the video for you.But yeah, it does work like that,but there are some definitely kind of some asterisksthat you need to keep in mind.We'll make sure that'cause this is the focus of the video right here.So if you have played the game, then yeah,you understand the dynamicsof what's going on with the stock market.And at the core,you want some sort of value to go up in price.And if that value goes up in price,then yes, you can get more money,but that's what leads into the big warningthat I want to offer up here.And not a warning to scare you away by any means,but just a warning that separates video gamesverse the real world,and that is in the sense of,okay sure you can get more money,but you can also lose money in the market.And that is where there's the big distinction herebecause, we'll just call this real,so in the real world,you can also lose money in the market.And the thing here is obviously,it is real money.In a video game, right, it's fake money.It's part of the video game.So it's ah, I lost my, okay.Well you know,and you just kind of go on with your day.But in the real world,when you're using real money,you can actually lose that money,and it's money that,it's not like,well I know my checking and bank account is insuredby the FDIC.So I mean, is like my money insured in the real worldon the stock market?No, it's not insured.Any disclaimer you'll read,they say there's risk involved, nothing is insured.You could very well lose your money.So yes,the stock market exists in the real world like it does.You can buy stuff.You want that stuff, really called stocks.You want stocks to go up in value.And if they go up in value,you can sell,and that's where you make money,and you can generate money,and it's very awesome, very awesome.Very cool.There we go.It is very awesome though.All I will say though is that,if you do want to learn more about it,just make sure you approach it very slowly,very methodically,do not rush into things.Because while I get it,the premise,the concept of the stock market is like,I call it the game of all gamesbecause when you start to learn moreabout what the stock market is,I mean no offense to Grand Theft Auto,if you like that game,but the stock market in the real worldtotally blows away any video gamebecause it is a chess match,where your competing against other people.And what's on the line is, well, money.And that is, I think, the competition of all competitions.So with that being said,that's why I said,you don't want to rush into itbecause there are many experience players out there.In Grand Theft Auto, the first time playing,you're not gonna go and start to talk trashto some super super experienced person'cause they're gonna whoop you, right.That's just common sense.The same is true for the stock market.If you show up,and think that you're gonna treat the stock marketlike you do in the video game,there's gonna be some much more experienced peoplethat are thinking,good I'm gonna to take your moneybecause you're showing up herewith a wrong type sense of how the market actually works.So yes,the market or the stock market that's in the video gamedoes exist in the real world,but be very very careful, when you approach it.In fact I'll put some of the getting started linksthat I have.I'll put those link down below.And if you want to kinda maybe get started,learn a little bit more,then you can go to those links,and that'll kinda walk you by step by stepsome things that you should be considering,and explaining to you,if you want to venture downthe stock market in the real world,but yeah it exists.But you gotta be very careful with it'cause when real money is on the line in the real world,you can lose that money.If you're out there,trading alone currently,and maybe are in the marketlooking for a community to join to assist youin your trading or to just help you,to give you another set of eyeballs.Then I do have a private trading community,where you can trade alongside meand other experienced traders.So what you see popping up on the screen right nowis both an information link.So if you click on the inner circle onethat is gonna take you to the page,where I explain all the details of what exactlycome with the community.Both a chat room, and the newsletter.And then the other imagethat is popped up is a behind the scenes tour,where you can see exactlywhat is going to be contained within the community.I take you through, like I said,a behind the scenes tour of everything.And that way you'll know, precisely,what you are getting when you join.So definitely check that stuff out,if you are interested,and thinking about wanting to join a community,and let me know if you have any questions.

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