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Happy Thanksgiving

I wanted to quickly do a bit of reflecting on things I am thankful for. I wish you all the best Thanksgiving!

This interview truly has made me that much more thankful this year, listen HERE

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Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.I hope you are all having, will have a good day,and this is one of my favorite holidays,but yeah, lots to be thankful for,and what really kinda stands out to mein reflection is a recentpodcast episode that I did.Z is his name and he's part of the community.In fact, I'll put a link to it down below,but in just one little part of the interview,he talked about how, in his country,it's very common to work for literallyseveral months for somebody and then just not get paid,like not get paid at all.And I thought, you know, that is unheard of.I've never heard of that before,and if you did that in this country, the United States,you would just be, you would be taken to the woodshed,which is good, I would agree.If somebody's working for you, you should be paid.But it's just those little things that,and why I like to do the podcast,because you kind of realize wow,we do have it good here and then as far as kind oftying it into the markets, I mean,how great are these markets?I don't know about you, but when I put my money on the lineit's not a matter of well, geez,I hope that someone doesn't swoop inand just steal everything and it all goes poof.I mean, we have the most liquid markets in the world.We have the most trusted markets in the world.You know, when things go bad, where do people put-Where's the safe haven?The US dollar, so I mean we have a lot ofgood things going for us, that I'm at least thankful for,and are you guys ready, are you guys readyfor me to get a little cheesy here?I am actually thankful for you as,and I say actually because there's alwaysa couple bad apples, but for you as viewers,I'd say it's gotta be like 95% of the comments on videosare supportive and even the ones that aren't,that's fine, but usually they're filledwith constructive criticism.Now of course, you always get the trollsthat offer zero constructive criticism,but it is what it is, but thank you to you as viewers.There's a reason why I try to reply to all commentsbecause for the most part, the peoplethat follow this channel, they seem to be good,high quality people, and I appreciate that,and I am thankful for it because I knowsome YouTube channels out there,their comment sections are just overrun with,I don't even know what you want to call it,so happy Thanksgiving, I hope you enjoy,and yeah, stop and think about some thingsto be thankful for because we havea lot of good things going on in this country.

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How to Kill Your Stress, Fear, and Frustration as a Trader