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Upcoming Free Training Event: How to Kill Your Stress, Fear and Frustration as a Trader.

Health and Trading Efficiency

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Over the years I’ve been asked numerous times how I have transformed my body (all which has been public for longtime viewers of the channel), and my online boot camp is finally complete. If you are ready to change behaviors in your life, the same way I did, and get results that are sustainable and maintainable for the long haul, then I’d love to be your guide.

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Hey, welcome to a Friday Fireside Chateven though there's no fire in the background.But there's actually in the backgroundwhere the fire usually is the new websitethat I am launching and it's somethingthat I've been working on for, I don't know...The past four or five, I've been working on it a lotand I had one idea and then actually a memberof the Clay Trader community suggested something else.Thanks a lot, Scott.But then that added on another two to three monthsto the project as I've turned what was just going to bekind of a course into an actual interactive online bootcampand this bootcamp being for your health.A little context here,depending on how long you've been part of the channel,if you've been around for several yearsthen you've probably seen videos like this.One of the most annoying things in all the stock market,not being able to trade as much as you wantbecause you have a small account.In this video, I'm gonna give you the solutionto this very common problem.That video was from a few years agoand now I look a lot betterand I feel a whole lot better.And that's kind of the big differentiating factorwhere I can speak from experience,where when I was at that point,I'm not gonna say it's impossible to have success,that would be misleading,but I will say from my mindset then,just kinda the clarity of my mindto how I'm operating now,I will say my mind is so much clearerand that's nothing new.When you're healthy, that means your mind is gonna get clearand when your mind is clear you canbe that much more efficient, that much more productive,and that is the biggest difference of all.Now of course just from a strictly health perspective,my body is a lot better but from a mind perspective,from a mental perspective,I've noticed a world of difference.And over the time span of the past couple years,I have had people and whether it be YouTube commentsor emails or what have you, saying hey Clay,I watched your videos from a few years agoand hey man, good job, you look a whole lot different.What'd you do?And what'd you do?What'd you do?I try to give 'em an overarching planbut it was one of those situationswhere I would like to do thisbecause I grew up playing sports,so I like to coach, I like to teach, I like to...I like to do all that whatever you call it,hence Clay Trader, but this is a situationwhere now I can get involvedin trying to coach and mentor peopleto get back in shape again, to gain back their health.Because I know what it's like to be there.I know what it's like to feel sluggish,to not really sleep at night, to wanna play with your kids,but I'm kinda too tired because I'm outta breathor I just don't have any energybecause, well, I haven't been sleeping at nightand it's a vicious cycle.Lack of sleep, that leads to more stress.More stress leads to not being ableto do lots of other things.So it's crazy how much in reflectionme losing track, me losing control of my healthreally does just trickle into so many other areas of life.And now that I am much better on the health front,it's just wow.I can do so many more things now.Easily play with my kids, I'm that much more efficientat work, I'm that much more efficient as a coach or mentorwithin the trading and all that.I have money with clay.com nowthat I was able to put together relatively quickly.That one sale took me a while,but the point being I just feel greatand when you feel great,you can just get so much more stuff done.And I do believe there is a correlation with trading too.Again, I will not say that if you're unhealthyyou have zero chance at success in trading.That would be misleading.But what I am saying is I've been there.I've been there trading when I was out of shapeand I don't know exactly how to describe itbut there's just kind of a sluggishness,there's just something off.But now, I can see that much just betterand when I say see I mean kind of see the trade,see the pattern, just see all this stuff.I can operate more efficiently.So once again, I don't wanna come acrosslike this is some sort of magic pilland to make millions of dollars in the market.All I'm saying is that froman efficiency and productivity perspective,I will definitely say that being healthy,being in good shape, having good lifestyle,behaviors and routines, it definitely makes thingsmore efficient and more productiveand that's why I put together this online bootcampand I'm very excited about it.If you've done any of my other courses or anything,then you know I kinda just go full boreand being a former process engineer, I can't help it.I'm all about explaining steps from point A to B.Do this, then that, then that.Sometimes I'm accused of okay Clay,yes, we know Clay, but I can't help it.I wanna make sure everything's explainedand that's what I do here with this online bootcampon the new site that is now availableand you can go check it out.So what I wanna do is just kind of throw this out there,I'd love to work with ya,I'd love to help you gain back your healthand the big thing here and the one componentthat I believe makes me a lot differentand once more, I'm not talking in theory.I'm the proof, I am the evidence right here.If you don't believe me, I'm not offendedbut this is the most unique part about my journeyis it's all literally been documented on video.You're on the YouTube channel right now,all you gotta do is go back to those early, early videosand you will notice I looked a little bit different.And now you see me and I look healthier.I look better.So there are no special effects.You'll notice it didn't happen overnight,none of this happens overnight.But the main that I focus on is yeah,we wanna gain your health,we wanna maybe prevent your health from leavingbut I am mainly focused on maintaining the health.Because anybody can get you results,that's really not that hard.I can sit here and tell you to just eat a whole lot lessand you're gonna get resultsbut are you actually gonna be able to maintain that,is that a sustainable strategy?It's not.My strategy, what I've done, what I've been doingand what I continue to do, not only gains health,not only gets you results, but it helps you maintain thembecause it's actually a sustainable strategy.And that's what I map out here.There are no magic pills, there's nothing like that.It's actually a very straightforward, a very simple strategybut its one that will twofold get you those gains and healthbut most importantly maintain those gainsbecause it's actually a sustainable strategyand a sustainable lifestyle to build.So if that sounds something likesomething that is interesting to you,then you can go to maintainthegains.comand depending on when you watch this,I re-release these on Fridays.So on Monday we're opening it upand for 24 hours, there's gonna be a discount couponavailable for fifty dollars off.And I promise, if you've been aroundyou know I don't play gameswhen it comes to this discount stuff,it will be for 24 hours.After 24 hours, it'll go back to where it's normal pricewhich is still gonna be super fairfor everything that you getand I mean at the end of the day,197 bucks to gain back your health,I mean I think that's a very fair pricebecause as the name of the bootcampis be healthy, get wealthy, think about wealth.Did I say it backwards again?What is it?Get healthy, be wealthy.Get healthy, be wealthy.Get healthy, be wealthy.That woulda worked though, what I said didn't it?Okay, yeah.This is probably not good for marketingbut point being that when you have wealth,or let me put it this way,if you were to go up and talkto somebody with a whole lotta monetary wealth,but they have poor health,they're gonna tell you, yeah, I really want my health.All this money is nice, but I want my health.And if you follow the money trail,you would see that person is pouring all kindsof their money, their monetary wealth,into trying to get their health.So the point is, being wealth partof the name of the bootcamp,it's because at the core,that's what wealth actually is is your health.That's what freedom actually is, it's your health.Because you could have so much money,but if you can't enjoy it,if you can't actually go out and really do anything with it,then what good is all that monetary wealthif you don't have your health to enjoy it.If you don't have your health to stay aroundand enjoy it with your family, with your friends.It just really doesn't matter.So 197 is a drop in the bucketcompared to gaining back your healthand once again, this is not theory on my part.I know what it's like to be unhealthy,I know what it's like to lose control,but I also know how to get it backand not only get it back, but keep it.So maintain, that is the key thingand that is what you're gonna learn.So if you're looking to builda new lifestyle for yourself, change your ways,and get healthy again, I'd encourage you to check it out.Like I said, depending on when you watch this,right now if you click on Friday,which it today, the video release,then it's just an email that you sign up forand then on Monday that is when it'll be availableto sign up with that discount couponso hopefully you decide to check it out.If there are any other questions or anything,just leave them in the comment section below,reach out to me on social media,but I'd love to help you outand I'd love to come alongside youand help guide you through building your new life.

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How to Kill Your Stress, Fear, and Frustration as a Trader