The Robinhood App is terrible for investing and allowing your money to grow in the most efficient way possible, and this is a provable fact! I sympathize with all of you beginner investors out there who are just getting started in the stock market and feel overwhelmed. As a beginner, you have so many choices in terms of what brokers and apps to choose from to help you buy stocks and invest. Robinhood as a company has done a fantastic job from a marketing perspective in terms of grabbing beginner investors by the droves. If I were to bump into someone brand new to investing and I asked them, “what app are you using to buy stocks?”, the odds are very high they would answer, “Robinhood”. This is the scary part however, as Robinhood is an absolutely terrible choice for investing and growing your money. As always, if I’m going to point out a problem within a situation, I also want to prove you with a solution. If you are someone who is looking to invest and trying to decide on what app to use, this is a video for you. Even if you are already using Robinhood for your investing, you need to watch this video! Remember, just because you sign up with one app does not mean you can’t move your money to another app. I assume you are someone who wants your investing goals to work as efficiently as possible If that is the correct assumption about you, then you need to avoid Robindhood and use this strategy instead… and that’s a provable fact!

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