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How I Made $150/Hour

I recorded the opening two hours of my trading and the trading action at times, as you’ll see, was quite annoying. With all that being said, there is power in perspective and even though frustrating at times, I can’t complain about being able to work from home in my pajamas and being my own boss to the tune of $150 per hour. $SPY $FB $NVDA $MU $TSLA $AAPL $GE $CRON

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Good morning, it's Clay at claytrader.com.This will be a live trade video whereI try to capture some of my trades as they unfold live.The market does not open up for over an hour,but there's some interesting movement outthere this morning so maybe there's some potentialfor a pre-market trade.And if I do find something where a pre-markettrade occurs, then I will get the video rolling.If I don't, I will just see you back at the market open.I have a order at 35.95 here on CIEN.Market opens up in less than two minutes.It's gone up as high as 35.84, so it's close.We'll see if I can get filled or not.Alright the market is open.I've moved my order up to 36.35.Actually seen some things on level two,so let's go to 36.45.So 36.45 will be my order there.And should get this alert in the chatroom.There we go.Alerted in the room.Alright I am going to pause and I will keepan eye on this one but I may missthe entry point 'cause I'll be lookingaround at other tickers too.Alright 36.45 coming intoplay here, maybe.It's as high as 36.42.So close but not close enough.We'll see if we can get back up there.I'll put an order out on TLRD at 15.35but that's not even close now so I'lljust go ahead and cancel that one out.And CIEN now back below 36,but I'll keep that order out therefor a little while longer.Alright what I'm gonna do here istry to pick up some shares here at 35.51.I like the pull back that's occurring.I'm willing to buy more.Or if it wants to head back up in my favor,I'll take some gains.But like I said, I like the overall apparent strengthof things, although ideally I'd likemore than the 500 shares.So let's see what this wants to do here.Trying to work its way back up.35.75 is where I have the order.Okay looking like it's pulling back some more.Let's go 34.75 forsome more 34.65 in casethere's a bigger type flush that occurs.As far as kind of a vantage pointfor you as viewers, for me too,this green line if we can get up thereand hit that, that implies that profits have been made.So I will go ahead and pause for the time beingand if it looks like I'm either gonna be ableto get more shares or potentially take profitsI'll get things rolling again.Alright it's moving back up, trying to hit that green line.It's giving me 250 of the 500 shares that I wanted to sell.So close.Well not close, partially.So now I'm down to just 250 shares.So we'll cancel those orders for now,and we'll see if it can get back up thereand hit the green line.Like I said, it was closebut didn't quite hit the green line,therefore that's why I wasn't fully out on the position.I will go ahead and pause.I've moved my order to 35.59 for those remaining 250 shares.So again, that green line now representsif we can get up there and hit that,then I am out of the trade completely.As stated, I'm already partially out of the trade.So all out there, so 80--and there it goes.There it goes up to that original green line.Oh well, that happens.So $80.It is what it is.Let's move on to find something else.Alright 36.75 here to go short.Got up through 36.50 but is now pulling back.Probably a little too optimisticthinking I could have actually gotten allthe way up to 75 on that break,but maybe it'll give it another go, we'll see.Alright have an order at 35.30,which is represented by this green line right here.It's pulling back.This one's very jumpy so I apologizeif I miss the entry but I wanted to at leastget it documented out there.Again, 35.30.Alright XPO here is going pretty crazyall over the place.Have an initial order at 59.85,which it could get up there in the blink of an eyeor it might not get up there at all,but watching level twos you can seeprices all over the place.Still have those orders on CIEN.Again, I very well may miss the entry pointgiven how jumpy this is,but at least I wanted to get it out there and documented.Alright 57.30 have an order here on XPO for 0/500 shares.My entry point obviously that I was lookingfor earlier on never bounced up to whereI wanted it, so we'll see if I canplay it on the long side now insteadof the short side.Get a key break here at 57.51.There's the break.I'm in for my opening shares there.And I'm out for a quick $75.Next order at 56.75.So if this bloodshed wants to continue,I'll be ready again down at, like I said, 56.75.Alright broke through 57.My order's at 56.55.Well I was hoping for more of a violent break than that.I'll give it a little longer here butbreaking through that number.Alright I'm gonna go ahead and cancel thatand I'll keep an eye on it in case some sort of--I'll go with 56.30 now.Alright I'm gonna pause.Alright broke 56.50.Have an order at 56.25.Alright I'm gonna go ahead and change this now to 56.01.So I would've been filledat 25 so we can kind ofpaper trade it and I would've had an order at 40.But at this point, let's see if it can get down to 56.01.I will pause.Alright it's moving down to 01.Okay so I'm in.And out there for the quick $45.Let's go to 75 now.So 55.75.I get it, well why did you sell ten?Well that's why we're all millionairesin our hindsight account.If I had hindsight, I would've held a little bit longerbut you gotta keep in mind the overallcontext of the chart and the system.The system, my strategy, it requires certain dynamics to it.Okay making another move downwards.Again key break of 56.Bounce right off of 56 itself,so that 56.01 was solid,but let's see if it can break down further.I will go ahead and pause.Alright going for the break of 56.Once again, I'm at 55.75 for my first entry point.56 continues to put up a good fight.There's the break.And it's stopped right thereat where I want it,so I'm gonna go to 55.30 now.So we'll see if it wants to get down there through 50.Would've been in at 75.We'll see if that would've proved to bethe proper entry point or not.There's a move.There's a quick move.Went down as low as 55.38.Alright well at this point, let's go to 01.I got a good sell, it bounced off 56.01 last timeso I will be a little more lenient on where I lookto take some quick profits if it wantsto get back down there.I will pause.Alright there is the movethat went down as low as 55.03.And that was the move I was looking for,so let's go to 54.75 now.And we'll look for the break of 55.Again right here you can see it says a low of 55.03.I was at 01, so close but two cents off.Alright approaching 55 again maybe.Alright I will pause.Alright knocking on the door there was the break.You know you think I'd learn that the breaksaren't really that violent on this one asweird as that is with as much as it's getting beat down.It just wasn't a very brutal break.Go to 54.51 here, so I will pause.Alright there was a move that went down as low as 54.55,and then that vast jumped.Now this one feels like it's toying with me.It's oh so close and then doesn't fill me.And there's a spike right there.The violence has returned,or is this thing just gonna get hammered back down.Alright I'll pause.Alright quarter at 54.25.Stopped seven cents above where my order was.Now hesitating.54.01.Alright making a move down there.54.06.This one has officially started playingme like a fiddle but.Once again, went as low as 54.03.Alright I apologize for--keep getting the videorolling and it's just kind of a broken recordbut this is unfortunately how things go sometimes.53.35.We'll see how that price reacts onthe break of 53.50 if that occurs.Alright I think I might have to wavethe white flag on this one and admitit's just too tricky for me.What just happened there?Whoa that was a fast move, but I'm out.Let me get my bearings there.Wow that dropped all the way down to 52.52, okay.Well that was a crazy move and awesome.I'm glad I had it going.And isn't that how trading is?Right when I'm admitting I probablydon't know how to necessarily trade this oneand it just flushed and went crazy there for a second.If it wants to do that again,I'll be ready down there at 52.25.But I did get it in out there for another gain.But yeah, wow.Glad we caught that on.Talk about a crazy move there.Alright 52.25 next entry point.Alright there's the break.Once again, let's go to 51.75.How low did it actually go there?Low 52.Alright 51.75.Okay making it way down to 52 again it looks like.There's the break.Okay I got 90 shares, that was goofy.So I'll put those up at 95.So out there bummer.Wanted 500, only got 90.But it is what it is.So 51.25 now.I'll do my next order.So 51.25.I will keep you updated.Alright picking back up volatility again.Shoot got straight down to 51.53.Alright we'll give in the volatility.Let's just get down to 51.01 at this point.I will pause.51.01, looking like it could be in play here.Alright I will pause.Alright broke 51.I'm at 50.51.Once again, I apparently don't learnbecause usually the breaks of the round numbersare not very violent on this one.So shame on me.I have an order at 52.80.Of course it didn't fill me, so nevermind.Let's go to 52.37.Move that order to 52.20.Alright I very well may miss the entry just 'causeit's so jumpy so next time I record I may already be in.So maybe I'm gonna get filled, 53.25.It goes short.It is high as 53.25.Okay I moved my order up to 43.65.Alright going for some shares here at 52.51.Wow this video isnearing 20 minutes.But I'm gonna go ahead and get short here at--oh brother.Oh there we go.52.65.I have 500 shares.Looking like this thing wants to head backdown to potentially the 52 area.So I'll keep a close eye on it and if itlooks like it can get the break of 52.60,I'll get the video rolling again.Alright I apologize, I missed the exit point there.Happened very quick and took me out at 52.55 for $50 gain.And we are almost at 20 minutes so I supposeif you don't like the long videos, you stoppedwatching this a long time ago.But let's see.We're 2 hours into the day, up $321.It was very frustrating, but I'm more sotalking to myself 'cause I do like to use theseas video diaries every now and then,but I had to keep things in perspective.Yeah it was frustrating.Maybe you got a little frustrated as a viewer.But from where I sit, I've quote unquote worked at homein my pajamas and I made $150 per hour.Like I said, 2 hours and up over $321.But commissions we'll call it right around $300.So $150 an hour to get a little annoyedwhile I'm at home in my pajamas.Gotta keep things in perspective, Clay,gotta keep things in perspective.So yeah, would've liked a little bit more,which sounds super greedy after I just said that.Yeah I take that back.I am happy with $150 per hour at that rate.But before I go, if you want me to keepmaking these videos, the easiest wayto communicate that to me is to click that likebutton and then subscribe to the channel.The channel has a lot of other content besidesthese live trade videos.There's vlogs, there's quick tip videos.There's all sorts of different contentso I encourage you to check out the channeland hopefully you decide to ultimately subscribe.If you're interested in trading alongside meand other traders, just go to claytrader.com.I offer a service called the inner circleand that is a live chatroom, a newsletter,and for $99 per year,that's the cost.Not per week, not per month, not per quarter, per year.Do the math, it breaks down to $8.25 per month,or what is it?$1.90 per week if you were to break down those numbers.So as I always say, over the time span of 12 months,I'm more than confident you're gonnaget at least $99 worth of value.Finally if you're interested in learninghow to trade with charts,how to use technical analysis to build a strategythat fits your needs, then again, claytrader.comI offer many online video training courseson that, so check that out.But if nothing else, if you don't spend a dime, that's fine.Just like I said, if you want me to keep making these,spend my time doing it, then like I said,click that like button and that's an easyway to communicate that to me.So I apologize for some of the annoyanceand the broken record of I'm trying to get in,I'm trying to get in, but like I said earlier,sometimes that just comes with the territory.But gotta keep perspective.$150 per hour, I'll take it.One of the biggest questions I get is hey Clay,how do you find the stocks that you trade?So what I've done is put together a free resourceguide where I talk about the tools thatI use to locate stocks that I findinteresting and think may have potential.So if that sounds like something that could add valueto you as a trader, then click on the imagethat is up on the screen right now andI will e-mail you the guide.The guide itself is very short and to the point,and best part, it's completely free.Thanks for watching the video.Let me know if you have any questions.

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How to Kill Your Stress, Fear, and Frustration as a Trader