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I don’t care what the economists or Wall Street crowd is saying, we are already in a recession. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see this. All you have to do is be a normal person and take a trip to the gas station, grocery store or anywhere else and you realize how tough it is out there. We’re living through some historic times! Does that mean we should stop investing and start panicking? Of course not! What we should be doing as investors is remaining calm… and well… continuing to invest our money! This brings up a question that you are probably wondering, especially as a beginner (good for you!), what stocks should I be picking during these recession induced tough times? As investors, we need to stay aggressive; however, we need to do so with a more defensive strategy. In this video I will take you step-by-step through how I pick my stocks during a recession. The strategy is very common sensical and with a few points of data and tools (both will be talked about), the strategy becomes very easy and quick to implement into your personal investing. There are no such things as a guarantee in the world of investing, but, the strategy I show you here has a tried and true track record of working! Let’s talk about stock picking for investing during a recession!

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