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How I Trade a Stock’s Earnings

I’ve never done this before, but I decided to do an entire recording of “after” the market closes and then stocks begin to release their quarterly earning’s reports. This is a very unique area of the market so I wanted to show you how I trade for profit during this time. $AAPL $OLED $SBUX $SPY $AMRN $CGC $TSLA $NFLX

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(intensifying swooshes)Hey, it's Clay and this willbe a live trade video here.A little twist here, it is actuallythe day is over, and I'm gonna tryto capture some after-hours trading.There is some earnings reports thatare be coming out, including Apple'sand Apple's is always quite dramatic.You can see down in the lower-right hand portionof the screen, kind of a just blah-type day.I'm up $198, so nothing massive at all,however I did have in the back of my mindthat after hours would probably be somewhat eventful,and I'm not necessarily only goingto trade Apple, I'm gonna keep my eyeon some other trades, such as this one right here.So if this one wants to get up to 11.25,I could be interested.Only 500 shares, I'd want more than that.But CZR, some potential here for a trade,and like I said, maybe some other things too,so I'm gonna keep my eyes out and yeah,hopefully I can actually capture someafter hours earning strides.I have an order at 9.41 here on CZR.And also just keeping an eye on the scannersto see if anything else is moving.I will keep you updated.Okay, going for a break of 9.50 here it seems.Alright, I'm gonna go ahead and just takea look at PBYI.And I'm gonna watch that one too.Alright, have an order at 61.95 here on Starbucks.500 shares, I would like more than that.But that would at least get my feet wet.Whoop, it shot up as high as 61.91, okay?So I got my first 500, and out therefor $192, as you saw there, that happenedvery, very quickly.I will look to restart the process at 62.45.Okay, what I'm gonna do here now.62.95, let's see if it can make its way up there.It's trying.Got up and hit as high as 62.93.So now 63.35.Let's see if I can get some there.And if this keeps up, maybe I won'teven have any interest in trading Apple.So again, 63.35, it's gotta get up there through 63 though.Looks like it's going for it.Okay, let's do this.63.49.And I am holding steady there, I'm notgonna move that order.It's trying, keep an eye on the scanners too.Okay, making a move.Back down it went.I don't know, maybe I'm being a little too piein the sky up here at 63.49, maybe not.Trying.Still trying, close, did hit as highas 63.49, but just did not fill me.I know I said I wasn't gonna changeit but, this is after hours, and I'm not gonna get,I'm not gonna get jerked around.So 63.75, let's see if we can geta break of 63.50 and then a quickmove up to 75.And this one's being pretty stubborn right now.Alright, I will go ahead and pause for the time being,put an order out at 99 on OLED.This one is getting just absolutely beat up.Only 100 shares though on this one,more expensive stock and as you see here,just crazy volatility right now.So the key break here is getting downthrough the $100 mark.So I will keep you updated on that one too,but I very well, well there we go.I'm gonna go ahead and get Starbucksout of here for now, that one's kindof settling down, but yeah, break of 100is what I'm really looking for.I will keep you updated.Alright, got 50 shares.Alright, this is only gonna give me 50.So I'll take those and wouldn'tthat equate to $75, but less talking.Gonna now go to 97, double-checking.So 97 for 100 shares, let's seeif this wants to keep on flushing.Again, you can go back and re-watch it.I wanted 100, I only got 50, but I was still ableto sell them $1.50 higher, which equatedto $75 on the trade.So next, first entry point, down at 97,I'm not sure if it'll actually get down there,I mean it's already flushed quite a bit.But, look at this one, alright, let's go to 20.Whoops, on PBYI.Buy, why is it not letting me do that?PBYI, huh.$20, PBYI, Y, there it is, I don't knowwhat happened there at first.So yeah, PBYI over here, you can seequite a bit of bloodshed.I don't think anything on Apple has come out yet.No Apple is, no earnings out, how is Starbucks doing?Starbucks is pretty much just volatility gone for now.There we go, OLED may be coming backinto play here again.Let's see if we can get that flush of $100,but yeah, this potentially bottoming out here.Alright, I will pause, alright WTW here.Getting kind of crazy.Order at 55 for opening 100 shares.So I mean, just 100 shares, $55 stock, nothing big.But you gotta factor in this is after hours, it is earnings.So we'll see if it can make a move down there.Alright, 64.25, have an order on Starbucks as you see,the chart is starting to come to life again.Will it come to life enough is the question?And I will keep you updated.Alright, going for a break of 64.I'd like to just see it shoot up pretty quick,so there's the break.And 64.25, alright, I don't like that,let's go to 64.45.And I will not be moving from there.Alright, making the move, nice I'm in.And I'm out for the quick, quick $50as you just saw right there, I'm gonnarepeat the process up at 64.75.So if it wants to make another moveto the upside, I'll be ready for it.But yeah, as you saw right there, $50,and I don't know what was that, about three seconds?Looking like Apple's earnings are gonnabe coming out soon, maybe they're already out.I don't think they're out yet though,it'll go a lot more nuts than this.But it's nearing, so I'm gonna keep an eye on it.Alright, the earnings are out,and it seems as though right away,people are bearish on them, giventhe way the chart is getting hammered.Clay, why are you not shorting right now?Well, this thing, as fast as it's going down,can snap right back against you,and I don't want to chase, but if it wantsto keep on pulling back, I would be interested.Right now, I have an order at 200,that's probably a bit too optimistic.I'm gonna change to 210, and we'll seeif it can make its way down there,I'll keep you updated.Alright, I have an order at 211, introductory order.We'll see if it can make its wayback down to the 211 mark or not.It's within striking distance.Alright, I will pause, and I'll keep it going here.Alright, I'm gonna go ahead and justleave that initial order now at 210.It's looking like if 211 doesn't hold,then a very big flush could happen,so there is the break.So it's either thing's gonna getdown at 210, or I'm just not interested,and I will end the video givenwe're already at 13 minutes, and givenI'm already up over now $500 on the day.So I'll pause, alright well I'm gonna wrapup this video, Apple is now startingto bounce and it's not as volatileas what I was wanting it to be.So with that being said though,if you enjoyed the after hours tradingas you saw here, I realize I didn't captureall of the trades that I made duringthe normal hours, but hit that Like button,that'll be an easy way to communicate that to me,and then just in general if you likethese live trade videos, hit that Like button,that's the easiest way to communicate that to me.Before I go on other attributes though,if you want to trade alongside meand other traders, I do offer a live trading chatroomand a weekly newsletter.You can just go to ClayTrader.com,and that is called The Inner Circle.The cost of that is $99 per year.Not per week, not per quarter, $99 per year.If you do the math and break it down per month,it's $8.25, if you break it down per week,literally $1.90 per week.So hopefully you decide to check it outas I always say, and will continueto say over the time span of 12 months,I'm more than confident you'll getat least $99 worth of value, and then finallyif you want to learn how to tradewith charts and just use chartsas a tool like I use them, you can goto once more, ClayTrader.com and I offermany training video courses on that,and you can get all the details there.Again though, if you don't spend anything,totally fine, but if you enjoy these videosand want me to keep making them,the easiest way to let me know thatis to click the Like button and subscribe to the channel.So yeah, I'm curious to hear what youwill think in terms of capturing someafter hours trading, I've never donethis before, and I have I don't know 350 live tradevideos, but yeah, ended up with around $315-ishin about 20 minutes or so, 20, we'll call it 30 minutes.So not too bad at all, and yeah,I'll see you back next week.One of the biggest questions I getis hey clay, how do you find the stocks that you trade?So what I've done is put togethera free resource guide where I talkabout the tools that I use to locate stocksthat I find interesting and think may have potential.So, if that sounds like somethingthat could add value to you as a trader,then click on the image that is upon the screen right now and I will email you the guide.The guide itself is very short and to the point,and the best part, it's completely free.Thanks for watching the video, let me knowif you have any questions.

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How to Kill Your Stress, Fear, and Frustration as a Trader