[10:37 AM] ClayTrader
I know the title sounds confusing. But here’s the thing, it’s the truth of how the markets work and what you’ll need to do in order to find success as a day trader. As backwards as it sounds, in order to have success and make consistent money, over time, you need to lose money. The name of the game is risk management. If you refuse to manage risk because you are not willing to accept the fact you are wrong, then just avoid trading. You can not have an ego in this business. You need to be able to admit to ┬ábeing wrong and okay with losing money. When you do this, you’ll notice good things start to happen from a big picture perspective. Instead of sitting here and trying to talk to you “in theory”, how about I just show you some of my personal day trading results that illustrate exactly what I mean. Let’s get to it!

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