If you want to be a successful day trader who makes consistent money online, you are going to need to have a whole lot of self discipline. Despite what you may have seen on social media or YouTube, day trading is not easy and presents one of the bigger challenges you will ever encounter. This of course does not mean that having success as a day trader is impossible, it just means you better be ready to work hard and… well… be disciplined! With all that being said, “self discipline” is not always as easy as it seems. In fact, being disciplined with anything in life can be extremely difficult! I’ve been trading the stock market since 2006 and helping other traders since 2013, so I want to share with you a trick on how to be motivated as a day trader in regards to self discipline. Without motivation, staying disciplined is essentially an impossible task to achieve. When you can locate an ongoing source of motivation it will keep you disciplined as a trader to work hard, follow your strategy rules, and always be looking to improve and learn! Let me share with quick trick with you that will help ignite and fuel motivation!

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