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How To Install Windows 10

One thing every new trading computer build will have in common is Windows. Installing Windows can seem like a daunting task, but Microsoft has actually made it quite easy. In this video I give you a quick walk through of what a windows install looks like, as well as how to check for missing drivers and windows updates.

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Hey, I'm IT Nate.Let's talk about Windows.(dramatic music)So, you got your sweet new training computer built.You picked it all, your cool parts online,they sent them to ya.You got them all assembled.Now what?How do you use it, right?So now we gotta install Windows.So that's what we're gonna talk about today.I'm gonna walk you through what it's liketo actually install Windows, the process.It'll probably actually be a screenshot,and then a voiceover.I haven't actually shot it yet, so we'll see.But we're gonna talk about how to install Windows,and then once you get it up and running,we're gonna talk about drivers,how to find out what drivers you're missingand then out to the internetand find which ones that you actually need.So, this is all gonna be done on a computer.It'll all be a screenshot.Let's hop over there and I will walk you throughhow to install Windows and set up your new computer.All right, so here we are, at the desktop.Once you put your CD in and boot to the CD,this is what you're gonna get.Basically, just click next, and then install.Next page, up here, it's gonna ask us what type of....I'm sorry, it's gonna ask us for the CD key first.Go ahead and enter that.That'll give you your COAthat came with your copy of Windows.Click next.The next page here,we're gonna have to just accept their agreement.So we're gonna go ahead and click accept.Not really a whole lot you can do there.You can read it, I guess, if you want.The next page, here, it's gonna ask usif we want to upgrade a current installor create a new one.We wanna do custom, which is a new Windows install.So just click on that.Here, it's gonna ask uswhat drive we wanna install that on to.We only have one drive,so we just select that one.Hit next.If you have multiple drives, you can choose it,or go ahead and delete,if you already have creator partitions or whatever.Here, it's actually installing Windows.This process takes probably 15 of 20 minutes,depending on your computer.I kinda jumped through that for you real quick,so you don't have to watch that.So that is done.Windows is installed, really, at this point.Now it's gonna ask us to set it up.We gotta choose English,we have a US keyboard, pretty self explanatory.If a different one, you choose a different one there.But that'd be pretty straightforward.Next, here, it's gonna ask us to set up the user account.So this computer will be used for personal use.And typically, you'd use a Microsoft account to set this up.They'll allow you to use OneDriveand sync all of your accounts and stuff.You'd go ahead and enter that email address there.I am not using a Microsoft account for this one.It's just gonna be a simple, local account.As you can see here, I just name it User,just an offline account.I don't enter a password or anything.I just click next.The way this machine is gonna be used,we don't really need the Microsoft account stuff,so just gonna be a basic machine, nothin' special.It's gonna ask if you wanna use Cortana.I click no because the way this computer's gonna be used.Now it's just gonna go throughand run the initial set up process.And there you go, Windows is installed.We're just gonna go ahead and click sign inon this main sign in screen here.It loads the desktop.It gives us some information abouthey, welcome to Windows, yada, yada, yada, whatever.So, the first thing you're gonna do,once you have Windows installed,is go to your device managerand check what your drivers situation is like.Here, we're not missin' any drivers,which is great, makes life way easier.If you are missing some drivers here, though,they'll have a yellow exclamation mark next to 'em.You can just go out to the manufacturer's websiteof your motherboard or your computerand download those drivers that are associated with....It'll tell you kinda which ones are missing,you video driver, or whatever.You can also start, and I usually do this a lot too,as long as you have internet connection,go to right to Windows update and run that.If you're missing a driver,quite often, Windows will find itand help you out a lot there,especially if it's a common one, like a video driver,or somethin' like that.Here we're just installin' a few updates.It looks like there's about four of themfor this version of Windows.So it's gonna go out and download these and install them.This probably took another 15 or 20 minutes to do,but as you can see, it goes pretty quick hereand I have it sped it up.It's gonna install these fourand then you're gonna see it's gonna go outand check for some more.And then it's gonna ask to reboot.So here we are, rebootin' the computer.And that's pretty much it.Once it comes back up, you can see it will check againand make sure there's nothin' left.But that's pretty much itwhen it comes to installing Windows.It's pretty straightforward.Not a whole lot to it.If you have any questions, definitely let us know.We'll definitely help you out.If this was too fast for you,or have any more questions about how to install Windowsor set up your new computer.Have a good one.

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