A day trader truth that oftentimes gets overlooked is fear. We as humans enjoy hiding behind a tough exterior, so when it comes to the emotion of fear, we like to try and pretend it isn’t there. The fact of the matter is, when it comes to learning more about trading psychology, fear is a topic that must be fully understood and acknowledged if you want to have success. I have been a day trader in the markets since 2006, and have been teaching traders since I started my YouTube channel in 2013. I tell you this because it has given me quite a bit of experience in seeing fear causes failure for day traders when it was totally avoidable. The part that is most frustrating is the failure does not need to happen. The failure can be avoided had the emotion of fear been overcome. Fear is a very powerful emotion when you are aware of it; however, it’s even that much more powerful when you are unaware of it (or refuse to acknowledge its presence). In order to better illustrate this problem of fear and how it can be avoided, I want to use a recent interaction I had in the comment section of a previous video I’ve done. The crazy fact is, when I say certain things, they will be totally obvious to you… yet, fear is such a powerful emotion that it has the ability to override even the most logical of thoughts. Let me show you what I mean and hopefully assist you in overcoming those fearful moments.

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