Learning how to short a stock is something all day traders need to know how to do. If you want the most flexibility and opportunity to make money online day trading stocks, “shorting” is a strategy you must understand and use. The reason why you need to learn how to short a stock is because it allows you as a day trader to make money when stock prices go down in value. When I was new and a beginner to day trading, this was a very strange concept and did not really make sense. If you are someone who is just beginning to day trade stocks and are a bit confused by this idea of “going short”, you’re not alone. In this video I will short a stock using my trading platform so you can see just how the numbers work when you are short a stock. Ready to take your understanding of shorting to a new level within your journey of learning to day trade? Let’s go!

A Behind The Scenes Look at “Shorting” – see it HERE