Let me state the obvious. The goal when day trading stocks is to make money. The catch is, you are not going to start off making lots of money. The first step in any consistent trader’s journey is to learn how to day trade stocks online with a valid strategy. This does not happen overnight; however, it is completely possible and an opportunity that all beginner day traders have. When you do establish that you can be consistent and manage risk, the next step is to begin to aim to make more money from your strategy. This is the exact moment in time where many traders stumble and experience all kinds of frustration and heartache. This step is very important and must be done in a very specific way. If you do this step in any other form, the odds are very high that you are going to derail yourself from your goals. As important as this step is, it is actually a very simple step. There is nothing complicated about it. The hard part is all emotional and will depend on how well you can handle being patient. I realize this step is not the fun step, but when you do it in a “non fun way”, you know you’re doing it right! Let mem show you how to smartly make money day trading stocks.

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