You are not alone if you are a beginner to the stock market and just getting started with a smaller amount of money in your trading account. In fact, I would guess most new traders start off with a smaller account. There is absolutely nothing wrong with not having much money to start. I want to focus on how to trade “expensive” stocks with a smaller account. In many situations, beginners think that because they don’t have a lot of money they need to focus on small cap and penny stocks. Yes, this is a route that you can take; however, trading penny stocks can become very sketchy and shady with all the drama that takes place. What many new traders do not realize is there is a way you can get involved with higher priced stocks and make good money, yet, only be using a smaller amount of money yourself. In fact, in the example I show you in this video you could get involved with a stock trading for $300 while only having $70 in your account. Huh? How is this possible? Let me show you another area of the market that can open up your horizons and opportunities to make money trading online.

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