Risk free investment? Is this a scam? What’s the catch? As odd as it sounds, this new investment I have made, I-Bonds, is genuinely risk free. I recently diversified my overall investing strategy to include I-Bonds as they are a very common sensical strategy in today’s high inflation environment. Be warned! If you are looking for something to brag about to your fiends and family because it is such a “cool” investment, this is not going to be for you. Although, if your decision making process is based around how “cool” something is, I’d suggest you shift the focus to the “risk” angle of things. The awesome part about I-Bonds is that ANYONE can do it. You don’t need any special qualifications or certain amounts of money, they are open to everyone! If you are anything like me, when I hear the word “bonds”, I think of my grandparents or anyone that is old. It seems like one way to guarantee a loss of money (due to inflation) is to invest your money into bonds; however, this is where I-Bonds differentiates itself and truly opens up a world of “it makes sense”. Let me share more with you about these I-Bonds and how they work and why I decided to make the investment into this asset!

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