How are you doing in your understanding of the markets and online day trading as a beginner? When I was just getting started as a day trader and learning about the markets and strategies, it was hard to know whether or not I was truly making progress or just being corrupted by false confidence and hope. When you are a beginner day trader and “don’t know what you don’t know”, it can be very easy to begin to form bad habits or use trading strategies that seem profitable; however, over time they will ultimately destroy your trading account. A great way to measure your progress of understanding day trading is through this very quick and simple quiz I have for you. No worries! If you are having flashbacks to school and pop quizzes, this won’t be anything like that. It will take up very little of your time, but if you take it serious and are honest with yourself, it will show you an accurate assessment of where you stand in regards to your true understanding of how to day trade with good habits.

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