My day trading data collecting has continued and now I’m to the point where I’m over 200 trades of what I call the Sniper Shot Strategy. At some point you need to draw the line and declare “this is enough data” for whatever strategy and system you are working on, and that’s what I’m doing. While I’m not here to proclaim I have found a golden goose holy grail day trading system, I do want to share with you the data I’ve collected. Unfortunately though, there was a train wreck that occurred near the end of the data collection. It was actually very disheartening! Finally, I want to once again address the notion that “day trading is a coin flip and total gambling”. This is a topic I’ve covered a million times, but it’s one that can not be addressed enough because it’s a constant false narrative you see. Let’s jump into the data and see what we can learn about The Sniper Shot Strategy.

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