Have you ever come across a day trading hater? You know the type. Someone who sits there and throws out all kinds of accusations that when boiled down, essentially imply day trading is a scam and it is impossible. I recently had someone leave a comment on my YouTube channel that I wanted to respond to. This person makes many statements about being a day trader and how day trading works that need to be addressed. While I hope most people understand that you could tread lightly when reading through comments on social media, I wanted to respond to this one as I believe it also will provide several learning examples, which is the point of this channel, to learn! For most of you, I’m sure what this person has to say you already know is not accurate; however, I also know there are many beginner day traders out there who may not understand the finer tune details that make a few of these comments seem true, but when understood in context, makes them false. Let me respond to this day trading hater and clear the air!

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