Investment bank Morgan Stanley did some extremely interesting research and released it further proving that day trading is hard! For those of you who are not beginners and new to my channel, you know I’ve talked about this over and over again. I’ll be the first to admit it is way better to talk about winning trades and making money; however, the unfortunate reality is, you need to bring your A game if you want success. The MEME stocks were a thing of beauty and wonderment, but their time is over and those who entered into the market and saw success with those, are now experiencing a very different picture. I hope this video offers you up some motivation to keep on going and not be too hard on yourself. You are not alone by any means if you are one of those day traders who got caught up in the hype and ended up giving back your gains. Rest assured, part of the day trader journey is going through tough times, so in a positive way… you are NOTHING unique. You are NOT special. I hope you decide to stick with it and make changes to your approach to the market now that you know how hard it actually is. No stock can go straight up always. It’s time for you to move your understanding of the stock market and trading into risk management and sustainable strategy building.

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