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I’m Happy With These Results

While there were not any 200% wins like in last week’s stock scans, there was still plenty of solid movers. In fact, I’m very happy with the results members received, particularly when you keep the numbers in perspective from a bank CD viewpoint.

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Hey, it's Clay at ClayTrader.com.This will be the weekly reviewof the Power Profit Scan newsletter,which is a component of The Inner Circle subscriptionthat I offer at the site which costs $99.For an entire year, you get the live chat room access,and then you also get this newsletterthat I send out every weekend.And I just wanna go over it, but before I do, as always,a couple disclosures.First off, am I trying to imply that every alertthat is sent out, every scan is just all winnersand there's money raining from the sky?Absolutely not.There are losers, there are charts that aren't very smooth,there are charts that just don't really goaccording to plan.So nothing is perfect, nobody is perfect,no strategy is perfect.So yes, by no means am I trying to say that if you sign upall you're gonna have is winning alerts sent to your email.Nothing like that.But it does also go to show on why managing losers,why having a disciplined system in place is important.Because while losers do happen, winners also happenas you're about to see.And when those winners do happen,you wanna make sure that you have your accountin the proper position to benefit over the long run.So discipline, risk management, risk focus truly is,that's why it's the pillar of any successful traderbecause yeah, losses happen no matter what,no matter what people try to make you feel or tell you,trust me, nothing is perfect.And then second, we're gonna be going back a waysand looking at actually, let's bring this down herea little bit, we're going all the way back to 11/26.Why are we going back so far?Two reasons, first, it's just a matter of giving the chartplenty of time to play out so that we can seewhat actually happened with the alert.And then second, a matter of being fair.I mean, if you just had paid for somethingand then all of a sudden you saw it out for freeon the Internet, I'd imagine you'd feel kind of ripped off.So I'm assuming you can understand from that point of view,well yeah, just a matter of giving the chartplenty of time and then keeping things fair.So let's get to it.Before I go any deeper, one of the main questions,Clay, what sort of prices do you cover, what sort of range?Anything.I cover penny stocks up to stocks over a hundred dollars.If I think that the odds are in our favorto have a profitable and winning trade,then that's what I care about.I care about probabilities, not price.So if I think it's probable and the probabilitiesare in our favor to produce a winning trade,then like I said, that is what I'm focused on.So right here we have about a $20 stock,and you'll see we have a wide range here.But for this first one, just created kind of a categoryof just starting on OSTK.You can see it did break throughthat pretty long term tread line there,and there was some good solid volume with it.So just kind of questioning was this a bigger breakoutthat was about to begin?I believe I mentioned this earlier,but the newsletters are sent out over the weekend,usually on Saturdays so you have all weekend long to,I should say more so Saturday morningor at least early Saturday afternoonso you have all weekend long to essentiallykind of put together any sort of trade plan or approachthat you may wanna take.So here is the chart looking like it was at the closeof the previous week.So the next candle you'll see will be a Monday morning.So let's see how this one played out.And right away you can see thatit had broken above the tread line,but it gapped down on Monday morning.And then after the gap down, showed no power and thenback down it went.So I threw out that question of the category,is it just starting?Well, apparently not.So here is an example of one wherethe potential was there but nothing,and you can see the next day right there.Nothing ever came about from it.So this would just be, I'm not gonna call ita losing one because it definitely,I mean the gap down kind of gave things awayright out of a get go, huh?Why would something just be startingif all of a sudden it's gapping down?Now sure, could it have made a quick turnaround?Yeah, it could have made a turnaround,but like I said, that never happenedand it just went straight down.So as far as this alert was concerned, yeah,this is what I would call just a no play.I meant to do this at the start of the video,but just to keep some perspective because I understandhow things can come across and I'm guilty of itjust last week, I talked about one of the alerts that madea 200-some percent move, so all those movesdefinitely do happen.Again, do they happen every single week?Absolutely not.And anybody that's trying to proclaim they happenevery single week, they are misleading you.So perspective does matter, and January for 2019,happy new year everybody by the way,but just like I said, perspective, CD rates.What are going on out there?Well, for right here, two years, and these are the best.I mean, these are the best available ones out there.So for two years, you can get yourself 2.9%,two years, 2.8%.So think about that, two years, 2.9%.And just keep those numbers in mind as we gothrough the numbers of the alertsand that'll help keep this all in perspective.So the next alert that was sent out up here, AMD,pretty well-known stock and just threw itin the Technical Pattern categoryas we had this symmetrical triangle that had formed.So let's see how this one played out.Again, this was the chart over the weekend,so let's see how the week started to play out.So nothing happened from a pattern perspective,but right there did get the pattern breakout.Consolidated a little bit, nice little back test right thereof the previous break tread line so people potentiallymissed the opening breakout.The chart was kind enough to pull backand let them pick up a ticket if they wanted it.And then got the nice move up there,which equated to a 16% move before things did pull back.And 16% in basically a week, week and a half,am I saying anybody played it perfectly for 16%?No, but let's say you screwed up half the trade,that's still 8%.And again, what did we just see, 2.9% for five yearsor 8% in a matter of like five days?So two years for 2.9% or 8% in five days,I mean, I know which one I would pick.So yeah, a nice little breakout here.Would have been nice if it got more follow-through.But yes, sometimes those breakouts, they do breakout,but they just don't get too much follow-through.But again, it did still move 16%.Next one I alerted here, AMRS,and the category just kind of made it up.Bigger Bounce Brewing because there waskind of lower volume here but the price was,as I talk about over here in the little comments,quietly creeping its way back upwards.So the question just became, is something brewing?Is there a bigger move that may be following?So let's see how this one played out.So here we go, price did not waste much time at all,got the move up through thereand then continued on upand continued on up that much morefor a total move of 18.5% before it did pull back.Once more, am I saying anybody played itperfectly for 18.5%?No, but once again we'll say you screwed up half the tradeand we'll just call it 9%.So 9% in a matter of basically a week,9% for one week or 2.9% for two years?Once more, I know which one I would choose.So again, was it a massive movelike a couple alerts I showed in last week's video?No, none of these have been a 200% mover so far.However, compared to 2.9% over five years,these are some pretty solid movementsthat the alerts have given.The final alert here we'll talk aboutis one I got totally wrong but in a weird type of wayand a way that I'm not complaining about.But yeah, again, just a category that I kind of made upto try to summarize things, put it on the back burner.If you got the stove, you got the back burner.Just put it on the back burner,just keep an eye on it.And I explain all that right here because the charthad made a very clear pattern in the senseof just going sideways.It became very apparent that that red line there,which is the 200 day moving average was the key break.But I said there really hasn't been much volume,but just keep an eye on it,put it on the back burner.Maybe at some point over the next few weeksit'll make a move, but yeah, just put it on the back burner,I don't really think anything's gonna behappening anytime soon.Yeah, I was wrong.So let's see how this one all played out again,that 200-day moving average right up therewas that key break, and I was kind of right at firstbecause once again, the price just kind ofwas going in that sideways channel,nothing really happening, and all of a suddenit got up there and it actually did break throughthat level, not a lot, but it did break through.And then from there, it just, as you see,all of a sudden it just kept on creeping up,kept on going upand eventually peaked out right therefor a move of 43.2%.And like I said, yeah, it did go sidewaysfor a few days, but I definitely wasn't thinkingit was gonna turn around and go that very same week.But hey, it did for a move of 43.2%so we'll keep up with the theme of if you screwed uphalf the trade, that's still 21% roughlythat you would have made in the time spent,we'll just say two weeks.So two weeks, 21%; or five years, 2.9%?So a very nice move here and one of those whereyeah, you just never know so always keep your eye on thingsbecause you may think that something,it's not gonna move for a while but it may surprise youin a good way like it did here.But I just kind of chuckled at this onebecause the very category that I made for ittotally was yeah, no need to have put iton the back burner, it could have been on the front burnerbecause it actually made that week.But again, the nice little learning lesson thereis yeah, you may think something is not going to movefor a while, but it could very well surprise you.So yes, compared to last week, no massive winners.But things in perspective, I was actually very, verypleased with this batch of scans becausenothing huge but definitely some good solid chunksthat came in relatively quick amounts of time.So hopefully, well not hopefully,I know members made money off it because I gotseveral thank you's, so congratulations to the membersthat did benefit.If you are interested in joining, all are welcome to join.Just go to ClayTrader.com/innercircleor you can just go to ClayTrader.comand there's plenty of areas where you'll seeInner Circle that you can click on.As I talked about, you do getthe Power Profit Scan newsletter.There's also the live trading chat roomand there's other benefits right here.There's a mobile app too, so it's not like you have tostay chained to your computer or tabletor anything like that.You can stay up-to-date on everythingno matter where you are.And as far as the price, I think I said this alreadybut I don't remember, $99.Not per quarter, not per month, not per week.Per year.So per year, 12 months, $99.If you break down the math further,it equates to $8.25 per month,or if you break down the math even further,it breaks down to $1.90 per week.$1.90 per week.I should go to Starbucks' website right nowand look up what a cup of frappe lattes cost,but I'm sure it's more than $1.90.So if you can sacrifice a cup of coffee per week,then there you go, you can afford thisand we would love to have you.If there are any other questions,leave it in the comment section,get a hold of me through social media.Whatever makes your life easier as far as communication,let me know and I'd be happy to answerany questions you may have.But yeah, hopefully you decide to joinand try it all out.

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How to Kill Your Stress, Fear, and Frustration as a Trader