Inflation has become a very tricky subject to discuss with others due to, quite literally, the English language changing the definition. Why the definition was changed, I don’t know (but I do some some theories on!), but the fact of the matter is the new definition of inflation is completely wrong. In order to understand the problem of inflation, you need to separate out the two terms of “inflation” and “price”. While I understand the mainstream media says that “inflation is the increase in price of goods and services”, that is wrong. This may not seem like it matters much. In fact, I understand if you think I’m just arguing over arbitrary semantics; however, these two terms do matter if you want to understand the problem to solve the problem. I will show you how the current definition of inflation logically makes no sense when talking about the topic of solving inflation. When it comes to being a wise manager of your finances and building passive income, becoming knowledgeable in these areas is only going to help you achieve your goals. If you are sick and tired of higher and higher prices, well you need to look at inflation as one of the primary drivers of this problem. Let me show you how this all works (and no worries, it’s EASY to understand!)

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