Have you ever seen this general attitude, “Don’t do that! Why would you want to make someone else rich!”? While I can’t say I see it all the time, I’m sure depending on who your sphere of influence is, you may hear it more than other people. I’ll answer that question right now… YES! You should be making other people rich! In fact, I will go as far as saying if you are not making someone else rich, you are a fool! I’ll explain my basic reasoning in the video and then tie it into the world of basic investing 101. Perhaps you already know where I am headed with all of this, but if your blood is boiling because I just called you a fool for not wanting to make someone else rich, then give me a few moments (the video is short) to explain myself! When it comes to building wealth and taking control of our money, you need to be making someone else rich. While this may sound contradictory, I promise it’s not! Let me explain!

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