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Is $99/year Too Much?

I’m all for people being ambitious and not wanting to sit around. Pursuing something as intense as trading is admirable as far as I’m concerned; however, there are certain situations that are red flags that should be telling you that trading is NOT for you at this point in time. I want to talk about one of these glaring situations right now.

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Hey, It's Clay, welcome.No.Okay, we'll leave that in.See, that's how I screwed up.Usually that would get cut out,but this is actually a vlog,so do I really need to introduce myself?Probably not.But welcome to a Friday fireside chatthat's not in front of the fire.I wanna be in front of the whiteboardso I can kind of just map out some numbers here.And I'm sure, I don't know what I'm gonna title this,but probably not the wisest move from a business perspectivebut we're still close to the start of the new year.And I wanna make sure that your mindset, your goals,are aimed at the right thing.And a very, very quick way that I've identified,and by no means am I saying this makes me some,oh, Clay, you're so brilliant.No, it's relatively common sense here,but what I see a lot and then what just tells me,oh this person is, they are...I mean I admire their ambition, don't get me wrong.I admire their drive.I admire that they're just not decidingto sit around and do nothing.So I admire all of that,but you need to focus on other things first.Your eye's on the wrong ball for now.First, cross those hurdlesand then you can come back to this one,this one being, in this specific case, trading.And what is this hurdle?Well, the hurdle is $99.And $99 for what?That is for the service that I offer,the inner circle.Oh, here comes the sales pitch.No, I assure you this is not a sales pitch.This is actually an anti-sales pitch.This is why I would say this is not very wise on my partfrom a business perspective.But the $99 service I offer is a chatroom,a newsletter, and all that.And this is $99 per year.Again, I promise if you're one of those peoplethat's offended as soon as somebody impliesthat money should be spent, you'll actually like this'cause I'm gonna tell you, in this situation,to not spend any money with me.But if you're showing up,and you're looking at $99 per year.Actually, let me do this, too.So let's pull out the calculator.But if you're looking at this as a per month price,then it equates to $8.25 per month.If you wanna break this down even furtherand divide that by 52 'cause there's 52 weeks in a year,then per week,it is $1.90 per week.And a lot, not a lot of times, but once in a while,I'll see, ah, Clay.I like your stuff, I like what you have to offer,and I'm gonna do trading.I'm gonna get into trading, but I just can't afford the $99.And I don't wanna assume incorrectly.I say, well, you do realize that it's not like it's$99 per month, per quarter, like some people charge.'Cause, okay that's fine,an extra hundred dollars every month,I could see that maybe weighing heavily on somebody.But I said, "Well, it's $99 per year."Yeah, no, I know, but that's,I just can't afford it.I can't do it, I can't manage it.I can't, for whatever reason.And now I realize that I don't wanna come acrossas losing touch with reality, but I mean,when something breaks down at $8.25 per monthor $1.90 per week and you can't afford it.Now if you're just a cheapskate and you don't wanna pay itbecause you think, well, no, I take that back.If you just don't like me, if you don't trust me,if you think that I suck as a teacher,if you think that insert fill in the blankof something negative about me, well then, yeah.Of course you're not gonna pay the $99.But if you do like me,if you do like the free content that I offer,if you do see the value of joining a room, this,and if you do see the value in surrounding yourselfwith other traders, but you're not joining,then it's kind of two fold.Are you not joining just 'cause you're a flat out cheapskatewhich is, I mean, come on.It takes money to make money and all that.Or are you not joining because, well, yeah,I just can't swing it right now.I can't afford it.If you're doing it because you cannot afford it,then definitely don't buy it.Don't even think about buying it,but don't even think about trading right now.If you cannot afford $100 for a yearthat breaks down to these numbers,then you have much bigger problems on your plate right now.You need to get your personal finances in orderbecause, again, yeah, money doesn't grow on trees.I get that, but $100 for an entire year,if that's gonna make or break your numbersor if you just can't afford that, then you need to,my guess would be you probably have some other debtor something out there that you need to get cleared up.But trading is not the answer for youat this point of time, and my service is not the answerfor you at this point of time.If you think that, well, I got 200 bucks,and I'll take 99 bucks and I'll use the last 100 bucksand I'm gonna start to grow my account from there.No, that would just be a wrong impression on your end,and that's just not what it's about.So just be honest with yourself.There's no shame, if $100 is too much for youor it's touch that's gonna,oh, that could potentially wreck, that's fine.Admit it to yourself, though,so you can start to fix the problem.What are solutions to the problem?I dunno, maybe getting a new job.Maybe learning some sort of new skillso that you can increase the income that you make.Maybe it's just, you know what?Let me go deliver some pizzas.Let me go, fill in the blank.Let me go do Uber.Let me just do something as a side hustlethat can create some more income into my situation,but $100 is a huge red flag that you should not be tradingif you just flat out can't afford it.I wish, like I said, the smart thing would be, hey,if your last year, if you're down to your last 100 bucks,my service, that's, right here.We'll take care of youand everything will be fine and dandy.Like I said, I could definitely twist it in that way,and that would be a much morelucrative way to go about it,but I'd rather have you focus onwhat needs to be focused on, right?Let's get your eye on the right ball.I'm not saying that you're not smart enough to be a trader.I'm not saying that you should never become a trader.I'm not saying that you should never stop pursuing forever.I'm just saying, let's get your eye on the right goaland that goal is that to sure up your personal finances.Who knows, maybe suring up your personal financesis doing this right here.You might just need to go through,check out your budget.If you don't have a budget, that would be the first thingthat you need to do to sure up your finances,but if you do have a budget,then maybe all you need to do is check out the expenses.Maybe there's some expenses out therewhere if you cut them out,you can start to afford more stuff.Not necessarily to buy the service,but just in general to help fortify your financesto a much better place.But like I said, overall, keep your eye on the right balland if $99 is too much for youor it's gonna weigh too much on things,then yeah, just don't even worry about trading right now.Stop focusing on trading.Stop, well, I'm gonna have to do all this free.No, all you're gonna do is build a bunch of bad habits,and your budget already can't afford bad habits.So it really is a mess.$99, and I realize this is isn't everybody,but I wanna at least get it out there.'Cause it does happen every so oftenwhere if I can send somebody a link to this videoand offer you up some encouragementthat I'm not saying to never attempt trading,but to reassess your current plan,then that's awesome.If this video can help one person, that's great,'cause spending 100 bucks and then all of a suddenhaving your family just...That's kind of rough,but make sure you can afford it.And if you can't afford it,you gotta look around, look around and figure outother ways that eventually you can afford itand can afford to be a trader because,$100 within the world of trading,it truly is a drop in the bucket.If you're out there trading alone currentlyand maybe are in the market looking for a community to jointo assist you in your trading or to just help you,give you another set of eyeballs.Then I do have a private trading communitywhere you can trade alongside meand other experienced traders.So what you see popping up on the screen right nowis both an information link.So if you click on the inner circle one,that is going to take you to the pagewhere I explain all the detailsof what exactly come with the community,both the chat room and the newsletter.And then the other image that has popped upis a behind the scenes tourwhere you can see exactly what is going tobe contained within the community.I take you through, like I said, a behind the scenes tourof everything, and that way you'll know preciselywhat you are getting when you join.So definitely check that stuff out if you are interestedand thinking about wanting to join a community,and let me know if you have any questions.

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How to Kill Your Stress, Fear, and Frustration as a Trader