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I’ve been told a couple times recently that online day trading is “pure gambling” so I want to address the topic, again. For those of you new to my channel, I have a playlist where I show myself making online day trades live. This has prompted a few individuals to make the claim all I am doing is “pure gambling”. Is this actually the case? Well, let’s look at some data of my results of more than 60 trades! If day trading is pure gambling and essentially a coin flip, then we’d be looking at 50% right, and 50% wrong. Is this what my results are showing? I understand how this conception of us day traders being gamblers is created; however, is there any truth to it? Let’s take a look at my recent data as I’ve moved into trading a new product, SPX options. I’ll let you decide after seeing the data whether a claim can be made that I am purely gambling.

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