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I know there are many alert services out there, but let me tell you (and show you)… many of them are massive rip-offs. While I certainly do not proclaim to be perfect or anything crazy like that, I can say with firm confidence that my pricing is more than fair and gives everyone an opportunity at, as you’ll see, some quality technical chart set-ups leading to profit.

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Hey it's Clay and this will be the weekly reviewof a Power Profit Scan Newsletterwhich is a portion of the subscription service that I offer.I realize my voice sounds really rough,I am recovering from a coldand so, I appreciate your patience with my voice.I'm gonna do my best to get through it.A couple quick disclaimers before I get started.First off, am I trying to portray or claim that every alert,every scan that I send out to membersis a money making winner?I wish I could say yes but that's just not the case.No one, nobody, no scan is perfect.Losses do happen and that's very importantbecause this is why risk management and risk controlis so important because while losses do happenthat also means that wins happen.So, when those wins do occur, you want to make surethat you have your accountin the best possible location to succeed.And that is just a very critical thingto keep in mind, as far as, us as traders,as risk management, 'cause losses do happen.Nobody's perfect but if you can keep your accountwhere it should be thenbecause winners also happen,that can set yourself up for success.Second, we are gonna go back and look at the week of 1/14.Why are we going so far back?That is a more than fair question.Two reasons, first,it's simply giving the chart plenty of time to play outso now we can see exactly what has happened,and then second, it's just a matter of being fair.I mean, if you were to pay for somethingand then you saw it out for free,I'm sure you would think why did I just pay for that?You would probably feel a little ripped offand I'd say you'd be justified.So, it's just a matter of giving the chart enough timeand then the matter of being fair.So, let's get to it.Before I go any further with this first one,a couple quick questions.First question is, okay, when are all these sent out?These scans are sent out every weekend.Both to your email or you access them through the siteand what you actually just saw was behind the sceneson the site where you can just go directly to get them.So, they're sent out every weekend and that gives youplenty of time to kinda put together your trade planand just think about it.So, it's nothing like, you get 'emand then you have two seconds to think.You'll have plenty of time to think things through.And then, as far as, another popular question,what price range do you cover?Anything and everything.Price range is very far down the list of priorities.For me, it's all about, what do I think givesthe best possible probabilities for success?And price, yeah, I'm not, I look at itbut as you'll see herethe prices are gonna be all over the place.For this one, for example, we're looking at a stockthat is trading for below a dollar, right now, at 61 cents.So, as far as this alert was concerned, ticker symbol CFRX.And just kinda question,was there some sort of bounce occurring?Price got absolutely hammered back down.And then we had some interesting volume action going on.So, let's see how this one played out.So again, here's what the chart looked like over the weekendand the next candle you see will be from the opening dayfrom the next week.So, looking for the bounce.Got somewhat of a bounce right thereand then you can see the price rolled totally back overand then that move right there,even though it did bounce back,I would assume that took out most people.And you can see that the price still ultimatelydoes just drift onwards.There we go.And just give an idea, if somebody was on discipline,it didn't sell, then you just got your stock in,I mean, your just money sittin' around.That's important because as we go through other alertsfrom the same week,you just leaving your money sitting there,there's a time value of money,an opportunity cost.An opportunity at what?Well, an opportunity to make that money backassuming you keep the risk and loss small and controlled.That is a cost to you losing the opportunity to do thatwhich in many cases is a much higher costthan sitting and waiting and waiting.Even just to sell to break even.So, let's move on.But yeah, CFRX, as far as an alert,as you saw, there was no bounce.Next alert to talk about, ticker symbol NEOand just a volume alert.As I pointed out down here.Absolutely huge volume, price barely moved.So, it's kind of a, hmm, let's keep an eye on this one.So, let's see how this one played out.Again here's a chart going into the weekend.So, the next candle you'll see will be from that Monday.So, you can see there are plenty of opportunityfor people to get in if they wanted to.And I'm gonna kinda speed things up,'cause as you'll see, it wasn't anything quick necessarilybut it was a very methodical type moveand you can see that actually, so far, up just shy of 25%.And sitting at it's peak right now, so I mean, who knows?This one doesn't necessarily look like it's overbut as of right now a profit window of 25%.I say window, 'cause let's say you maybe messed uphalf the trade.Well you still made 12 and a half percentand when you stop and think about it,where else can you make 12 and a half percent on your money?I mean, you're welcome to go into your local bank and say,hey, I want 12 and a half percentin the next month or in the next two months.They will look at you and say, well we have bank CDsthat will give you 3% for the next five years,but sir, but ma'am, we have nothingthat are gonna give you 12 and a half percent in two months.So, I mean, let's keep things in perspective here.A very nice move and like I said,technically this one doesn't even look likeit might not be over yet.My next one here, ticker symbol SAEX and a pullback play.As I said right now, you know, it closed way up hereand it was just a matter of that it would be chasingat that point and chasing if you're not aware.That's not a good habit.That's not something that you want to start to do.I'm not saying it can't work,it will probably work from time-to-timeor maybe a couple times in rowbut the one time it doesn't,it's just not a good habit that you want to be doingand it's a very risky thing to do.So, that's why I said, it would be chasing at this point.You don't want to do thatbut if it can pullback that's a different scenario.So, let's see how this one played out.So, there was Monday, you can see there was indeedquite a bit of a pullback.I mean, think about it, there is some peoplethat bought all the way up thereand have it drop all the way,that's not what you want to be doing.There was the pullback there,to get people filled right around that area.Again, sat right down around thereto give people opportunity againand then made a nice little bounce right there.And I know that doesn't look like a lotfrom necessarily a space perspectivebut when you consider the price range hereof this being down below 10 dollarsyou can see that, that was indeed a move of 44.2%and I kinda lost track of thingsbut the last chart we just talked aboutwas something up right around 20 dollars.So, again what price do you cover?We cover everything across the board.We started off on a penny stock, then we just talked aboutsomething up around 15, 20 dollarsand now we're talking about a five dollar stock.So a good variety herebut yeah, as you can see, they are very quick.I mean this one occurred in just a couple days.But again, let's just say you screwed up half the trade.So you only made 22 and a half percent.Okay, where else in the market,where else in the world can you make 22% on your moneyin the matter of literally just a couple days?It's pretty crazybut actually if you would have held for whatever reason,you can see that it came back down here.Or in all actuality and I am totally, you know,this is a little bit of hindsight trading here,but right there is another big move,actually a bigger move than the first one.So, the amazing, the power of charts.That green line here was it exact, was it perfect, no.But that's not how charts work.But you can see that it did actually giveyet another opportunity to get some sharesbefore another big spike to the upside.So, great example of just not only an alertthat was sent out but just how our charts workas a general tool, as far as,what us as traders should be using.And as a friendly reminder,keep in mind that the underlying theme here,that first one was a loserand you could have sat and waited and waited and waitedbut think about that,as you sat and waited and waited and waited,these were all the other alertsin the exact same newsletter sent to youthat you can now be missing out on.Hence, opportunity cost.You would have missed out on the opportunityfor the last two,which you can see have been very good tradesthat could have very easily wiped awaythat loss because it's not like that losswas just some sort of nasty catastrophic move.It moved against us, yes,but in a way that would have been stilla very minimal loss assuming your discipline.So, just keep that in mind.These are all the things you would have missed out onhad you just sat there and sat there and sat there.So, remember, there's always that opportunity cost.Now for this one, PYX and the question just,is there a breakout coming?Pretty straight forward here.16 dollar-ish was that key breakout point.So, let's see if the price could ever break through there.So, this one certainly took some patience as you'll see.Price broke back downbut it's always one where you can always just throw it onthe watch list, keep it maybe on the back burner,just kind of keep an eye on it.'Cause something like, a day like that,it's gonna bring your attention back.I mean, big volume, a big surge.So, that's gonna bring PYX, PYX,okay, that looks familiar because it's on my watch list.But why was it on my watch list?You pull it up, oh yeah, all right,because we were supposed to be watching the break at 16.Hey look, it's close to a break at 16.Okay, this one from kind of an older newsletter,let me move it up the watch list someand keep a closer eye on it.So, let's see how that played out.And there was the breakout.Not the cleanest of breakoutsbut still it felt like it made a moveor it broke out hereand then just dropped it straight downor anything nasty like that.I mean, it was a pretty volatile daybut not the cleanest of breakouts but still nothing crazy.And you can see just started to chipand work it's way higher and higherand then that got that day right thereand you can see that move there, good, for 72%.So started off at 16, now up there above 25.So, a great breakout trade there.It took a little bit of patiencefrom just a watch list perspective.Keeping an eye on it.But it was nice enough to give everybody a heads up.Again, that one right there, big volume,big price action and still didn't cross above 16.So, a friendly move sometimes something moves so fastthat you totally lose track of itand then it totally is gonebefore you even realize what's going on.But this gave, kind of, a warning that,hey, we're about to breakoutand you can see, like I said, up over 70%.Again, let's say you screwed up half the trade.You're still looking at 35%, not too bad.The final one, so we've actually gone throughall five alerts that were sent out'cause I send out five every weekendand then there's some other portions of the newsletter.Some plays that are called trampoline,and then some trampoline tradesand then shorting tradesand I've talked about those in past videosif you're interested.But for this one we've literally now looked at all fivethat I sent out and we're finishing at WFT.The technical pattern perspectiveand just throwing it out there,as you can read right there,hey is this some sort of consolidationbefore the next leg up?And once more from the, hey what price do you cover?Now, keep in mind we are back belowa dollar talking about a penny stock.So, let's see how this played out.So, there was the pattern going into the new weekand you can see right there, rejected.So a pullback, so again, anything quick, not necessarilybut you would have just kept it on the watch list.Right there got it right up around there.Pulled back a little bitbut you can see it just struggling with the pattern herebut again, nothing crazy,it's not like their price hit there.So, I mean, technically if you had bought up around there,it's not like you boughtand then the price flushed down here,and then went back up, no, nothing crazy like that.None of those cheap shots as you would call 'em.I mean, just a pretty methodical movein terms of just kinda going sidewaysand then right there finally broke above it and closed.Did a little bit more consolidating.Another big move right there.And that move was good for 76.8% on the move.Again, space wise, yeah I realizeit doesn't look like that much from a distance perspectivebut keep in mind the price rangeof when you're talking about penny stocks,those percentages do add up very, very big.So, on the week, one loser, four winners and like I said,that loss could have been very, very controlledand was nothing crazy and then the four wins,pretty big percentages so the point here being,just be disciplined.Honor those losses, honor those rules of your strategythat are gonna keep the losses smallbecause as far as the sample size of five different alerts,when you're at an 80% win rate in termsof what actually went up,wiping away that loss is very, very manageable.Finally, as I wrap things up.If you are interested in joining,here are some more detailsthat come with the subscription service.This is what we just talked about and I showed youbut the other big attribute that a lot of people useand talk about is the live trading chat room.So, you can trade right along side meand other really quality traders on a day-to-day basis.I am active in the room,I give out all sorts of watch list and alertsand stuff like that during the day, each and every day.So, that's another big partand then you have these other things.Another thing is the mobile app.So, none of this is requiring youto stay chained to your computer.You can stay in touch with everythingno matter where you are.So, there is that mobile app at no additional cost.So, if you are interested just go toClayTrader.com/innercircleor just go to ClayTrader.comand find The Inner Circle portion.As far as the price, you probably pickedthat up based on the title of this one but 99 dollars.Not per month, not per quarter, per year.If you do the math, even further,it's literally 8 dollars and 25 cents per monthor if you break down that math even more,one dollar and 90 cents per week.So, no excuses, it's definitely a more than a fair priceand, as I say all the time,over the time span of 12 months, I'm more than confidentyou're gonna get at least 99 dollars worth of value.I realize I'm not settin' the bar very highbut I just want a fair price to keep away the trolls,to keep away the bumpers,and that way we can have a good productiveand efficient environment and that's what we do have.So, if you have any questions,please let me know, if not, come on, let's go,sign up, no excuses, it's literally only 99 dol.

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How to Kill Your Stress, Fear, and Frustration as a Trader