When Jeff Bezos speaks, I listen. Take note though, I did not say “follow what is said”, I just say “listen to what is said”. I have a long standing policy that when people such as Jeff Bezos speak, it’s worth taking time to listen. Just because someone is successful does not mean you should blindly follow what they say. You need to do a bit of thinking on your part to see if you agree. Jeff Bezos is recommending people slow their spending, and this has rubbed some people the wrong way. This has caused the critics to come crawling out from their rocks and offer up, well, not very convincing arguments. Whether or not you like Jeff Bezos has nothing to do with the money management suggestions he is making. As hard at it can be at times, we need to avoid ad homenium (focusing on the person instead of the argument). Let’s hear what Bezos has to say and the also consider what the critics have to say.

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